Description: Pictured on the streets of San Francisco and quickly disseminated around the world, one man took a giant leap into infamy by driving his Porsche 911 into a deep and wet pool of fresh cement. We had pr...
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Jerry Cole Mar 14, 2012
That is true, Shane.
Shane Heid Feb 23, 2012
Ya def concrete, asphalt can be driven on in like an hour as its only laid about two inches thick
Chris Harrison Feb 21, 2012
i wouldnt mess with dustin's facts on concrete
Bryan Whitt Feb 21, 2012
I hate to see that happen to such a great car , but love to see it happen to the pretentious douchbag you know was driving it .
Colin Dzendolet Feb 21, 2012
You say potato, I say vodka
Ryan Douglas Hie Feb 21, 2012
It's not concrete, it's asphalt. City streets are asphalt, some freeways are concrete. I know because I work on an asphalt crew and am not surprised by this idiot. I see morons do this sort of thing all the time; ignoring road closures and signage.
Jonathan Romero Feb 21, 2012
Tomato- tomAato -_____-
John Serely Feb 21, 2012
@dustin thank you, I did not know that. I guess you learn something new everyday lol
Matty Michaels Feb 21, 2012
Thanks for the info! I've always wondered.
Description: The author of the video, YouTube user laurenbettencourt, said this was the "most embarrassing day of someone's life." We would have to agree that that is a fair assessment. Check out th...
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Félix Cantin Feb 21, 2012
Y devait avoir lesprit tourmenter .
Justin Santinelli Feb 21, 2012
@lawerance wtf? Ur so dumb
Jason Bartlett Feb 21, 2012
This jack ass was trying to get around a traffic jam caused by the road construction . He ignored three construction signs of warning . This duche bag got his . I heard all of this on the news today in Canada lol it happened in san Francisco
Duke Man Feb 21, 2012
My question, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? Wasn't there some sort of road cones or signs or something? Was this the ignorant driver or the construction crews fault?
Luis Lujan Feb 21, 2012
Priceless!! The giant truck blocked the moment it came up on the planks.
Hans Wangsness Feb 21, 2012
Too bad about the car, even though he deserved it for reckless driving.
Vince DeMasi Feb 21, 2012
Wow! Hopefully that retard calms down and thinks next time
Patrick Schalk Feb 21, 2012
Agreed. Very embarrassing. He has to feel like an @ss with everyone coming by and taking pictures and videos of him while he's sitting in the car
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2012
he said he didnt get out so no concrete would get in
Pablo Herasme Feb 21, 2012
It would be like a Bentley, just that it happens everywhere it goes.
Colin Dzendolet Feb 21, 2012
'Sorry guys, but I don't want to get cement on my shoes, you mind helping?'
Jason Bartlett Feb 21, 2012
I can just see this ass clown cutting people off,weaving in and out of traffic then splat! lol he didn't even have the nuts to get out of his car and help dig it out.
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2012
the police have CONCRETE proof that it was a women driving more info at 11
Bob Jones Feb 21, 2012
That's so corny that it's hilarious lol
Duke Man Feb 21, 2012
If it was a woman driving the Porsche I'm sure CE MENT no harm.