Description: Made for the Drive channel's TUNED show, this video sees Matt Farah getting behind the wheel of the awesome VF Engineering-tuned 2012 BMW M3.
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Hayes Christianson Feb 23, 2012
Really a ttrs over an m3? A ttrs is a woman's car.
Julian Pilinci Feb 21, 2012
Awesome car, great video!
Paul Lissona Feb 21, 2012
No np, Ik what your saying ha. I just mean some people do hate them and think their just luxury cars etc.
Paul Lissona Feb 21, 2012
That's a great car, more people need to actually try or own a BMW then they'd know why I like them.
Elias Harb Feb 21, 2012
This car rips my heart
Matthew Reindorp Feb 21, 2012
I think for once Fordfan I agree with you :D
Description: With upgraded power, suspension, and brakes, the heavily tuned E92 M3 apparently now has the requisite power for the level of handling the amazing chassis provides. The supercharger fitted by Californ...
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Paul Lissona Feb 23, 2012
Son should get a used 328i at most.
Dylan Bruder Feb 21, 2012
I like how everyone on here talks like 575 horsepower isn't anything numbers don't tell the whole story and no I am not a BMW fan by any means just to clarify
Michael Riley Feb 21, 2012
good price? it's 60k to start with plus this upgrade package which I'm sure runs somewhere around 15k if not more.
Paul Lissona Feb 21, 2012
Good for 0-60 and the price.
Paul Lissona Feb 21, 2012
Gtr is boring kinda cause it's not as good as an overall package.
Matthew Reindorp Feb 21, 2012
Want to see a real animal? Google- AMS alpha 12- 1500hp+ in a stock R35 GT-R exterior and interior... 8 second 1/4.@ 169mph and you can buy this package for I think £69,000... NOM
Dylan Bruder Feb 21, 2012
Sure it does the 700 was more than likely measured at the flywheel u have to remember it takes power to spin the transmission driveshaft pinion axles etc thats where your power loss comes from what it takes to transfer that power to the wheels
Levi Riel Feb 21, 2012
loosing 125 hp is about right, you loose about 15 - 20% to wheels on every car, so the 125 is around the 20% mark, it also depends on the dyno that your using some dyno's read high some read low
Carlton Salmon Feb 21, 2012
Agreed - you'd normally lose around 20-30bhp at the wheels but 125bhp?! Where did all those ponies go?
Vince DeMasi Feb 21, 2012
Yeah that's a bit much to lose
Justin Tucker Feb 21, 2012
I don't understand. 700hp but 575hp at the wheels?? doesn't make sense
Max Garcia Mar 01, 2012
theres a code for smartphones on the bumper!