Comments - Video: The 'Coolest' Car Experiment

Published: Feb 20, 2012
Description: As the EV segment continues to grow amongst the major automakers, some questions are being brought up regarding a lithium-ion battery's extreme weather capabilities. With EVs beginning to go more...
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Tom Wilson Feb 20, 2012
My question is. When are these cars going to be able to drive further then 40 miles
Miftah Rasheed Amir Feb 20, 2012
That pun is so lame I laughed.
Hektor Yberg Feb 20, 2012
I see a car just like that one but red everyday!!!
Description: It all took place on Sunday, February 5 where EV owners drove in procession through downtown Helsinki (that's in Finland for those whose world geography is lacking). The thermometer showed 20 deg...
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Jackson Rojas Apr 01, 2012
Porsches r tested in worse
Andrew Hubbard Feb 20, 2012
I thought I hated Michigan winters when it reached 10. I hate the cold -_-
Isaac Tilstra Feb 20, 2012
-20 gives gasoline engines problems? Are you kidding? :D sounds like the writer doesn't know what he's talking about. -20 happens once a week all winter long in most of Canada. That's why u use 5W oil. What an odd misconception
John Taylor Feb 20, 2012
ICEs certainly run fine when they get going, but without an oil heater, the engine won't turn over.
Michael Ly Feb 20, 2012
I want to know how often they had to stop to charge up.......
Wilson LaFaver Feb 20, 2012
How would that give it problems. Engines in Canada when it's winter can run in 30-40 below. Once it is 50 and cars were still going fine
Description: A total of nine cars participated, including two Peugeot Ions, a Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL which is the first mass-produced electric van on the Finnish market, a Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, a Nissan ...
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Kev Berkel Feb 21, 2012
Google image search RaceAbout EV
John Bohn Feb 21, 2012
Is that a Tesla? It's nice.
Matt Martir Feb 20, 2012
Any idea who makes this?
Jake Knickmeyer Feb 20, 2012
This looks like a car from saints row.
Max Müller Feb 22, 2012
Wonderful design, great engineering...oops: wrong picture, it's only this ugly EV!
Ray Garcia Feb 21, 2012
S200 cause it prolly goes a tenth of its speed
Clint Edwards Feb 20, 2012
Looks more like a Del Sol with that roof
David Pires-Ihsaan Feb 20, 2012
clown car in the back?
Drake Hughes Feb 20, 2012
The second one from the left looks happy