Description: A very determined man in China couldn't afford a Lamborghini, so he decided to build his own. The extensive and difficult undertaking paid off with the finished product looking exactly like a Dia...
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Ivan Luu Feb 22, 2012
@jacob your one of the reasons why other countries have the stereotype that americans are retarded
KeX Lim Feb 22, 2012
Damn. This guy is really good with his hands.
Jose Hernandez Feb 21, 2012
Love the engine choice!
Dylan Bures Feb 20, 2012
I congratulate this man, and his accomplishment. But i think its stupid
Jacob Calderon Feb 20, 2012
The chinese are very good at stealing designs.
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 20, 2012
What an achievement! Fantastic work. Totally fantastic.
Description: The chassis, built from steel rods, was a very difficult and tedious procedure along with hooking up all the wiring. The home-made Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster took a full year to complete, from sta...
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Paul Lissona Feb 20, 2012
Yah haha that's what I always think when people say winning.
Al Tungupon Feb 22, 2012
Lambo can't sue him for making a much more reliable car.
quadrophine Feb 21, 2012
that's pretty effing awesome.... actually a decent copy. plus those old Toyota v8s were pretty serious engines
Mike Conrad Feb 20, 2012
Thankfully it's not just another shitty Fiero
Chris Penza Feb 20, 2012
Wow this is a great remake. Nice job
Dan Rather Feb 20, 2012
As long as he doesn't profit from it isnt a copyright violation.
Brad Wood Feb 20, 2012
Very impressive craftsmanship. No easy feat, that's for sure. I bet it is built better than the old Lamborghini.
Dale Denis Feb 20, 2012
I think the last think the Chinese worry about is Italy's or anybody else's copyright laws...
Hank Austin Feb 20, 2012
Diablo won't sue him? What about Lamborghini?
Wilson LaFaver Feb 20, 2012
Great job. His effort paid of well
Matthew Malyapa Feb 20, 2012
jamal it was in italy and a guy transformed his fiero into a ferrari 355
Pratik Parija Feb 20, 2012
Wow great job. But gotta be worried about the copyright.
Jamal Afzal Feb 20, 2012
Wow. That's totally cool. Hope Diablo won't sue him for copyright issue. Just like they did in France I think? Red Ferrari ...
Justin Tucker Feb 20, 2012
That's really awesome. And I really appreciate the time this guy put in. It's wonderful
Al Tungupon Feb 22, 2012
To clone a car for the reason of fulfilling one's automotive passion and making the original even better is not such a bad thing. Hopefully it handles nicely, too.
Jason Brown Feb 22, 2012
Kudos to this man. He had talent and attention to detail. Great choice of engine, reliable, easy to fix and has a nice purr to it.
Jared Palmer Feb 20, 2012
1990-1993 alltrac/gt4 was st185.
Kyle Hardisty Feb 20, 2012
Lower the suspension and then it will look really good. To high up.
Cham Khiev Feb 20, 2012
Celicas are a females car
Jimmy Alonzo Feb 20, 2012
Props to this guy, man it looks pretty good.
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 20, 2012
The celica is a 4th gen, 90-93, more likely the japan direct import, from the body style and lighting looks like the gt-r model they only make in japan, not the gts, gt-r, carring a 3sge 2.0
Andrew Grimm Feb 20, 2012
Actually you are all wrong. It's a fifth gen. T180 series,1989-1993. :P
David Munasinghe Feb 20, 2012
The celiac is the 4 th gen. Built from 1990
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Feb 20, 2012
Would look more realistic if he doubled the wheel width. The Celica is not 2nd gen. I can think of 3 models before this one, so at least fourth gen.
Michael Gallagher Feb 20, 2012
Kudos to him. He took the time and It actaully looks good. I'm sure he also gets more pleasure out of this then he would just buying a diablo. It's his own creation that he put time into. Nicely done
Joshua DeBord Feb 25, 2012
It's a 4 liter NA v8 from the early 90's. The turbos are custom. There was never a factory twin turbo sc430.
Jason Brown Feb 22, 2012
It is a Lexus SC430 engine. They put out the twin turbo V8 on that car.
William Downs Feb 21, 2012
yea that's deffinatly a Lexus v8, I remeber doing a starter in that engine and won't forget it... good engine horrible design though
Nick Tadych Feb 21, 2012
Yeah he did.. Way to take all the fun out of messing with people who have auto corrrect
Abraham Mendoza Feb 20, 2012
I think he meant "that's just wrong, even in a fake Lambo." But what do I know...
Kent Sullivan Feb 20, 2012
Who is Evan and what is he doing in a fake lambo? Proper grammar is your friend.
Rami Wilson Feb 20, 2012
That's just wrong. Evan in a fake Lambo.
Scott Gracey Feb 20, 2012
Tt 4L V8.., that things gotta fly
Joshua DeBord Feb 20, 2012
1uz-fe! Lexus sc/gs/ls 400
Scott Gracey Feb 20, 2012
Yeah prolly an old Lexus V8, like an LS or GS's V8
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 20, 2012
Im guessing its a toyata v8 with aftermarket turbos
Devin Babyn Feb 20, 2012
So when and what did Toyota produce a TT v8 for?
Scott Gracey Feb 20, 2012
Twin turbo v8, mmmmm
Matthew Malyapa Feb 20, 2012
its better than that 31 horsepower ariel atom that was on carbuzz a few months back
h6ryc Feb 21, 2012
fair play to the guy its a replica n it looks fantastic....... how can i put an order for 1
Chris Dimattia Feb 21, 2012
Don't mention anything about suspension or steering. Wonder how it drives.
Lou Guerrero Feb 21, 2012
Kudos got sure. Not to big on Lambo kits but this took lots of work.
Tanner Middleton Feb 20, 2012
look at his working quarters! damn, ill give him even more credit
Victor Castillo Feb 20, 2012
Hes gotta try to make some more...
Kevin Rehbock Feb 20, 2012
This guy has raw talent, whoever he is. Great attention to detail.
Aislin Cooper Feb 20, 2012
This is sick. No one better rage on this interior cause it's on the inside of a homemade legit Lamborghini
Timothy Hooker Feb 20, 2012
Like I stepped into the 80s.
Alanda Burroughs Feb 22, 2012
@Dan. LMFAO! Dude...kit car manufacturers do not have permission from the original manufacturers to re-create their cars. Where did you get your crazy info?
Cho Dan Feb 21, 2012
Dan, it's still a copy of the original.
Mark Suvorov Feb 21, 2012
Yeah I am mad cause u r complaining He made something U didn't u just complain Right?
Cho Dan Feb 20, 2012
Dan, it's one thing for a corporation to steal a design. It's quite another for a craftsman to build something he desires but can't afford for his own personal use. IMI he's a genius. Dan, what do you think about kit car companies that make the lambo
Colin Dzendolet Feb 20, 2012
@Dan you must think Shelby Cobra kit cars are just for thoughtless design stealers too, huh?
Colin Dzendolet Feb 20, 2012
Chinese automakers need to stop copying desighns, yes, but this dude is completely legit, tell me you wouldn't do something like that if you had the chance
Mark Suvorov Feb 20, 2012
Dan he just can't afford u idiot shut up I see u can afford everything See and don't say boy Not ur deal to judge
Victor Castillo Feb 20, 2012
Lmao agreed down there