Description: Baseball teams have just begun reporting to spring workouts and the CarBuzz crew is ecstatic that baseball is finally back. Roy Halladay, the standout pitcher from the Philadelphia Phillies, just show...
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Nathaniel Sharp Feb 23, 2012
Yea Phils!!! Can't wait for the start of the season!
Alexander Gomez Feb 20, 2012
Nice car ,but SF Giants all the way!!
Darren Nardo Feb 20, 2012
Could give a shit about baseball but I'm a fan of Roy now!
Clint Edwards Feb 20, 2012
@Memo outta look good, something different
Patrick Schalk Feb 20, 2012
That's a sweet ride. I'd drive it.
Memo Cabrera Feb 20, 2012
I agree with turbo guy. Something new and it fits for me. By the way, that dark woe color.. Would it look good on my 71 monte Carlo? Trying to find colors rift now for it
Brandon Whybrew Feb 20, 2012
looks like he is slightly too tall for this car haha! awesome car not fan of rim choice though
turbo_geoduck Feb 20, 2012
bitchin' car! I ESPECIALLY love the wheels. not the same-old same-old.
Devin Babyn Feb 20, 2012
Just a beauty. Loved this guy when he was on the Jay's and now that he's with a good team he's even better. The guy just amazes me he never tires even as he ages. Oh and I guess that's a pretty damn sick hot rod to lol
Justin Harris Feb 20, 2012
Looks pretty good. Was always a fan of the shape of those kinds of muscle cars.
Gianni Falzone Feb 20, 2012
Those wheels do not look right.
Vince DeMasi Feb 20, 2012
Very nice! I'm actually wearing a halladay shirt now lol
Dillon Dixon Feb 20, 2012
Not bad, but the wheels don't fit it at all.
Patrick Schalk Feb 21, 2012
It's gonna bug me now. I cant tell if that side is the indentation the Charger has or if that's a persons reflection. But yeah I could see it being a 300 too. Looks good whatever it is.
Alex Newgard Feb 20, 2012
Looks like a 300, and not quite the viper rims
Patrick Schalk Feb 20, 2012
Is that a new Charger back there with the Viper 22s?
Clayton Corley May 09, 2012
Very nicw indeed