Description: A boat has to be pretty special to make it on to CarBuzz and with the Arno XI Hydroplane you're witnessing one of the most famous racing boats on the planet. Developed between 1952 and 1953 by sp...
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Ivan Luu Feb 22, 2012
looks just as ugly as their f1 car
Joey Pena Feb 21, 2012
looks exactly like an old F1 car with a hull
Description: The result was the unstoppable 600+hp Arno XI, which boasted a twin-supercharged 12-cylinder Ferrari racing engine taken from a Type 375 Ferrari Grand Prix car. On October 15, 1953 at Lake Iseo, the w...
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Description: It is believed that more than £1 million will be needed to successfully bid for this one-of-a-kind Ferrari when it goes to auction in Monaco in May and with it the new owner will get original pic...
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