Posted on: Feb 20, 2012
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Ferrari FF Bursts into Flames in Shanghai

Ferrari will be hoping this isn’t the start of a worrying trend for their super four-seater.
According to our trusted sources, this brand-new Ferrari FF was one minute cruising down the streets of Shanghai, and the next coated in smoke and flames. Thankfully the driver was able to stop and get out before suffering any injuries but it looks as if the lame FF will have to be put out its misery. Eyewitnesses claim that as the supercar casually made its way along Shanghai World Expo Avenue, flames suddenly appeared on the underside of the car and quickly moved to the rear.
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Whether a fuel hose became loose or the exhaust system overheated has yet to be determined, but the engine seems to have been only minimally damaged, if at all, while the Chinese media claim there was no reports of the supercar exceeding the speed limit. What is clear however, is that given the Ferrari FF is priced at around $840,000 (due to Shanghai's import taxes), this was one seriously expensive fire.

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