Description: Tesla Motors took in $40 million in advanced sales of its new crossover, the Model X, in just 24 hours after it was revealed at its design studio. The Model X is an SUV EV equipped with two electric m...
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Description: "Two-thirds of all visitors were new to the website." That traffic helped also increase reservations for the Model S as well. The upfront payment to reserve a Model X is $5,000 for the stand...
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KeX Lim Feb 22, 2012
The important thing is whether the batteries will fail like they did on the Roadster during the Top Gear review.
James E Caldwell Feb 21, 2012
Are we forgetting he had to rase the price of the already expensive first car. How does anybody think they can deliver on these prices.
Trent Griffin Feb 20, 2012
I bet they don't want to be bought...this could be a very lucrative venture....
James E Caldwell Feb 20, 2012
I bet they start talking about a model Y before the S comes out. They are just treading water hoping some larger company buys them out. Good luck.
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 20, 2012
I find it funny. No one knows how the production model looks. I guess riches can throw out money like that with no problems. But that's a good thing. And it's something to look forward to. :-)
Axel Cousins Feb 20, 2012
Wow. But I hope delay the model X like they have been with the model S. It is kind of annoying how they keep delaying it.
Jairo Garcia Feb 20, 2012
Wow, so this is what our family friend reserved from tesla. This looks pretty good, looks like a crossover but not on steroids like the BMW x6 :p
Kevin Rehbock Feb 20, 2012
Aston Martin is bring back Lagonda as a SUV-only manufacturer. Their concept did look like this but it had a large boxy front with a sqaure-ish grille.
John Serely Feb 20, 2012
I think it looks pretty good, but I would never buy one.
Elijah McBryant Apr 15, 2012
Amira, are you insane ?
Amira Baz Mar 20, 2012
the gullwing doors look terrible
Lead Peddalin Nov 13, 2012
It goes more straight up than you think. It won't be a huge problem.
Andrew Elderkin Nov 03, 2012
Exactly. I don't think many of those 5,000 people know what they're getting into with gullwings. Notice the newest Mercedes SLS AMG has a traditional door option.
darrellbell24 Sep 05, 2012
its nice but finding a parking spot just got harder
Paul Lissona Feb 20, 2012
It looks good with this color but since it's ev I'd rather have gas or diesel.
Dale Schroeder Feb 20, 2012
Only thing I'm not really keen is the tiny headlights, that aside the styling isn't bad at all. Let's hope the range and performance are able to justify the cost of ownership.
Trent Griffin Feb 20, 2012
Just like regular cars are useful until you run out of gas....duh.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 20, 2012
Useful until you run out of juice, Hank.
Hank Austin Feb 20, 2012
Back kinda reminds me of an X6... But at least this car will be useful
Brandon L. Leak Feb 20, 2012
No that's an open door....hmm
Andrew Wright Feb 20, 2012
I see it too. I think it's a reflection from something dark above it in the window
Christian De Prisco Feb 20, 2012
Driving with the doors open??
Michael Gallagher Feb 20, 2012
That is kinda weirdly placed and sized.. Doesn't really flow with the rest of the car.
Brandon L. Leak Feb 20, 2012
That's a really big iPad! Lol what is that?