Description: Straight from Russia's Moscow Unlim 500 track comes footage of an Underground Racing-tuned twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo with 1,500hp. The Gallardo reaches a Bugatti Veyron-beating 236mp...
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Elwood Friedchicken Stcharles Mar 01, 2012
Daniel you are incorrect this run was done with the car by itself also this was the record run no Porsche has beatin it so please if your a Porsche fan then please do not descriminate This car
Daniel Bellafonte Feb 08, 2012
Why delete my comment CarBuzz? The Porsche is faster than the Lamborghini as the exact two were featured on DragTimes and guess what the Porsche annihilated the Lamborghini just like it did here in fact it might just be the recording they did from the inside from the same race.
Yahya Al-Asiry Feb 04, 2012
He get bells to drive to 380 kl/m
Dan J Tresham Feb 03, 2012
Reading back on some comment made about this video confirms there are some proper dumb mo fo's in this world. Yes the Veyron SS can reach 263mph but not over a mile. I still believe the AMS GTR's would piss on these UR Lambo's
Dan J Tresham Feb 03, 2012
The porsche was faster off the line because the Lambo TT can't transfer the power from standing start, hence the 3.6 sec 0-60time. Obviously makes up for it when it hit 3rd upwards. One crazy car. Wouldn't be quick round a track though..
Lee Cascio Feb 03, 2012
Nissans launch control is more advanced than porshes as of today.
Traye Nevius Feb 03, 2012
I'm pretty sure the Porsche is a Switzer P750 or P800.
Eddie Ethree Motors Feb 03, 2012
Porsches launch control is da best that's y they fly off da take off but I'm sure while da camera was on da dash da Lamborghini probably past da Porsche
Dillon Dixon Feb 02, 2012
Holy crap! That Porsche was a rocket off the line!
Luke Walker Feb 02, 2012
wheres the article on that porsche?
Traye Nevius Feb 02, 2012
This is all in 1 mile. Cars top speeds are not limited by any distance. The Bugatti Veyron actually does the mile around 204mph, but tops out at 253. The SS tops out over 267mph. This Lambo did 236mph in 1 mile with almost not traction the first 1/4
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Feb 02, 2012
Does anyone know how to read!?!?
Timothy Hooker Feb 02, 2012
I thought u had a hemi...I do but I had to steal this price while it's in the shop getting the gear shift knob replaced
Shane Conner Feb 02, 2012
Didn't the veyron ss go 247mph on that episode of top gear.
Traye Nevius Feb 02, 2012
It's apparently impossible to get traction at any speed with 1500hp and AWD. I'm sure that boost comes on like crazy and would scare me into up shifting a little too early. These UGR Lambos topped 260 at the mile in Texas
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 02, 2012
Fk the lamborghini that Porsche blew its doors off!!!
Tanner Middleton Feb 02, 2012
did that porshe beat it? :s it seemed like it got to where it stopped b4 it
Jairo Garcia Feb 02, 2012
I always had faith in lambos :D AWD, v10 tht can spool those turbos, radical designs in n outside of the car all at half the price of a Bugatti, maybe lol
Kevin Campbell Feb 02, 2012
I wonder what it feels like to go that fast.
Josh Negron Feb 02, 2012
Inception soundtrack, "Dream is Collapsing"... Haha nice!
Paul Pickard Feb 02, 2012
Always better to read ahead.
Nick Rios Feb 02, 2012
Those turbos sound beautiful
Colton Kreuzer Feb 02, 2012
ignorance is bliss apparently
Chris Penza Feb 02, 2012
They mean on that track it reached a higher top speed than the veyron did
Jordan Montera Feb 02, 2012
Read the next section dude.
Description: YouTube user kenanlambo said that the Gallardo got off to a rough start until it hit 100mph but afterwards caught up with the shifting and ran smooth up until the 236mph mark. He claims the Gallardo T...
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Traye Nevius Feb 04, 2012
There are many videos of this Lamborghini racing an AMS Alpha 12 in Russia. The GTR hooks better and kills the Lamborghini up to 110mph. That Lambo is too light and can't get traction. Once it hooks or has a better driver the car will go much faster
Cian Rules Feb 04, 2012
It deosnt realy matter about hp it that speed it matters about weight downforce and how areodynamic it is
Shane Heid Feb 03, 2012
@ rockstartc I hope the tc doesn't stand for scion tc because you should be ashamed. Also pretty dumb to say that the AMS gt-r can beat everything including this Lamborghini. You don't know that
Chris Sir-Stig Dagher Feb 03, 2012
Let's Not Forget The veryon is 500hp down on this
rockstarTc Feb 02, 2012
hell yeah live right by the AMS headquarters AMS 12 GTR can destroy any car even this Lamborghini
Clay Higdon Feb 02, 2012
And you can't just show up with your supercar and run some laps.
Traye Nevius Feb 02, 2012
The only car that could compete is the Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12. Crazy cars.
Thibault Leroy Feb 02, 2012
thats one of the only tracks
Jason Brower Feb 02, 2012
@ bacco, there are tracks that can handle the veyron, just look at the vw test track, that's one of the place they took the bugatti too.
Bacco Bear Feb 02, 2012
First of all it's nice that the Lamborghini hit 236mph aftermarket tuned not factory there no track in the world that can handle the Bugatti let alone if it did there's the Bugatti super sport for those who think they there cars are ready
Duke Man Feb 02, 2012
Impressive indeed, But you have to take into consideration that any aftermarket tuner car with this kind of power is probably not going to be as reliable as a showroom stock car like a veyron. How much psi is the UR running? But still impressive