Comments - Kia Teases Track’ster Concept Ahead of Chicago

Published: Feb 02, 2012
Description: Kia is showing no signs of slowing down in their continued quest to become a consistent competitor to brands such as Volkswagen, Ford, and Chevrolet. And with the talents of Peter Schreyer at the helm...
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Puneet Dass Feb 02, 2012
Lol. The first poster is such a loser
Tom McNaney Feb 02, 2012
They will never compete with those companies spitting out shit like that. And stop with the hipster animal commercials and speakers that light up. Thats not appealing to real enthusiasts. Just children.
Description: Called the Track'ster, the concept is a three-door hatch with a low profile and an aggressive wide body kit. Kia claims that it's the "ultimate performance" Soul, on which it'...
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Tom McNaney Feb 02, 2012
Lmfao. Ultimate performance.
Sebastian Grey Feb 02, 2012
"Ultimate performance version of the Soul"
Riley McKelvie Feb 02, 2012
Ultimate performance?...
Josh Andrews Feb 06, 2012
They should just quit making cars...
Michael Riley Feb 03, 2012
hmmmm Kia soul again? lol
Craig Murphy Feb 02, 2012
Soul & Veloster cues? Better have something more then the Veloster does under the hood to be ultimate performance......hint... Use 6 from Genesis Coupe
Sam Oglesby Feb 02, 2012
Yep it's a drawing but those alloys already exist on most of the Kia range
Dylan Bures Feb 02, 2012
Thry arent even symmetrical?
wfdowns Feb 02, 2012
yea that's my only prob with KIA, the rims are so weird... besides the original Koup SX rims
Sam Oglesby Feb 02, 2012
When will Kia realise those alloys look horrible and having the same set in every car you make come on