Comments - Infiniti’s Newest Sports Car Dubbed the Emerg-e

Published: Feb 02, 2012
Description: Infiniti has been talking about a new sports car concept set for debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show for some time now. The Japanese automaker has just released some new details about the mysterious c...
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Dale Schroeder Feb 03, 2012
The only thing I don't like about hybrids and EVs is that car companies feel they have to shove the fact that they're hybrids into our faces non-stop with silly names and huge side graphics and the like. You don't have to remind us every 5 minutes!
Paul Lissona Feb 02, 2012
Yah I'm ok with diesel or gas cars cause if in Europe some models get 50 mpg that's good.
Description: The Emerg-e concept marks Infiniti's first foray into mid-engine automobiles and is a range-extending plug-in hybrid. The rear-wheel drive configured two-seater is performance-driven with zero-em...
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Justin Harris Feb 03, 2012
Search the Infiniti Essence Concept. This is probably what it is.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 03, 2012
they always make the Z first before the G and i think the engine liters would jump to 3.8 or 3.9
Zaire Wilkins Feb 03, 2012
the G has nothing to do with this
Nismo87 Feb 03, 2012
I have an 03 G35 and every person that rides in my car always seems impressed with the amount of power it has for WHAT IT IS. Except for my buddy that DDs a Z06... He didn't seem too impressed at all lol...
Phillip Fitchew Feb 03, 2012
When you remember what the G was supposed to be, a luxury sedan, it all makes sense.
Michael Gallagher Feb 03, 2012
Look at the genesis. Same displacement I believe, yet more Hp. And maybe it's not underpowered.. But due to the weight of the G, the car could of had more potential.. That's just my opinion. I still love my car though
Zaire Wilkins Feb 03, 2012
infiniti already has the worlds fastest accelerating hybrid (M35H) so i can see this car havin 500hp
Joe Coffee Feb 02, 2012
Michael, how is 328 hp underpowered? The G is known for being a car with a hefty amount of power and for being fun because of it.
Michael Gallagher Feb 02, 2012
Awsome. The car better not be underpowered like the G. I hope it has some great numbers (even though its a hybrid ): )
Tanton Stoneman Feb 02, 2012
Nismo. I forgot about Nismo.
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 02, 2012
Miami, same here... I feel..Behind
Nismo87 Feb 02, 2012
Being a Nissan/infiniti fan I feel like I should have known this already. Shame on me. Lol
Zaire Wilkins Feb 02, 2012
lol noo this is just there own supercar just like lexus has LFA and acura has the NSX
Nismo87 Feb 02, 2012
Is this going to be replacing the G series that infiniti currently offers?
Zaire Wilkins Feb 03, 2012
designs arent stolen they are more like influenced but u only see bmw at this angle plus thats the inside of the headlights
Tanton Stoneman Feb 02, 2012
Alot of infinitis design is stolen from BMW isnt it?
Matt Piccolo Feb 02, 2012
@ Peter, ya I'm seein some z4 as well
Peter Jalsaeng Kim Feb 02, 2012
kinda looks like the z4/6 series front..
Leo Recio Feb 02, 2012
It looks like the Essence:)
David Overton Feb 05, 2012
The back reminds me of the Caymen.
Phillip Fitchew Feb 03, 2012
For some odd reason, the black line that spans the rear of the car made me think of the line in the same place on therm RX-7.
Rúni Rasmus Stensen Feb 03, 2012
So a questionmark doesn't make sence (?)
The-Joe Talbot Feb 02, 2012
Ok so you both spell jag wrong? Plus the tail lights are not that similar
Tuscani driver Feb 02, 2012
more like jad stole from them. the essence that debuted in 2009 had identical tail lights to this one.
Bill Bailey Feb 02, 2012
Looks like they copied the jad cx16
Scott M Allen Feb 04, 2012
very odd a-pillar blend
Greg Kenerly Feb 04, 2012
I see Ferrari c panels
Devin Mortenson Feb 03, 2012
A little lamborghini