Comments - British Celeb Jeremy Clarkson Unwanted on Road Trips

Published: Feb 02, 2012
Description: Continental Tires recently completed their survey of 2,000 motorists around the U.K. and Ireland. The question posed to surveyors was "Who would you least like to share a 4x4 drive across the Sah...
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Cian Rules Feb 04, 2012
@devin do you not read james mays articles
Jimmy Alonzo Feb 03, 2012
Top Gear should only refer to the best and original from BBC not the boring sh!$$/ american version.
Matthew McKernan Feb 03, 2012
@zach I just watch it on streetfire every Sunday, that website always has the new full episodes a couple hours after they air.
Devin Babyn Feb 03, 2012
Why do you guys think he could fix a car he's just as useless as the other two
Ghee Buttersnaps Feb 02, 2012
James may be weird and boring, but at least he could help fix the car if it broke down!
Nick Smith Feb 02, 2012
Zach, the new season won't come out on BBC America for a while. They don't air it concurrently with the new episodes.
Patrick Joseph Feb 02, 2012
I really like Clarkson. He's got an interesting point of view most of the time even though I don't always share it. But I find it utterly stupid of him when he makes fun of the people in the audience. No wonder people wouldn't roll with him
Zach Sullivan Feb 02, 2012
Can anyone tell me if they are running the newest season on BBC America? I've looked but I can't find it!!!!
Ivan Rudnitsky Feb 02, 2012
I'd take clarkson. He may be a clumsy idiot but he knows how to have fun. And how to insult Americans.
Devin Babyn Feb 02, 2012
I'd take Clarkson out of the three. May is just to weird to be around that long. Hammond would probably make for a decent trip but Clarkson would just be to much fun to not pick
Cian Rules Feb 02, 2012
James would be able to fix the car so i would bring him
Mikey Jimenez Feb 02, 2012
In opinion Hammond is the only true gear head on topgear.
Nick Smith Feb 02, 2012
Well since Clarkson's phobia is manual labor, don't know if he'd be useful in a break down. I'd take Hammond/May/Rutledge anyways
Dustin Harrison Feb 02, 2012
I would totally go on a road tip with jeremy clarkson
Ryan Spencer Feb 02, 2012
Clarkson's the funniest, May's the smartest, Hammond the shortest, the Stig the fastest, and Foust the best drifter. I'd take em all.
Chris Penza Feb 02, 2012
I'd go with jeremy and troll on the hummer with him the entire time
Clint Edwards Feb 02, 2012
I'd hang with any of em. But on a road trip I don't think I could handle James
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2012
That's my point Devin
Devin Babyn Feb 02, 2012
Cause he's a race car driver. Clarksons a journalist. Hammond is a radio dj. And May is a classically trained pianist
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2012
He's a little girl that can drive better than anyone on any Top Gear.
Jack Higgins Feb 02, 2012
Tanner is a little girl.
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2012
I'd rather hang out with Richard Hammond than Clarkson. But I'd rather hang out with Tanner Foust out of the Top Gear crew
Michael Gallagher Feb 02, 2012
I would roll with clarkson. In both the literal and figurative sense (I'll let you babies figure out what I'm saying). He is beyond funny and always has something to say. Awsome fellow
Jason Brower Feb 02, 2012
Psh, Clarkson is one of the people I'd most like going on a roadtrip with. He's hilarious.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 02, 2012
Haha he would be funny as hell to take!
Vincent Chong Feb 02, 2012
How young is he in this picture? Lol
Description: Clarkson beat out British personality Katie (aka Jordan) Price, British Prime Minister David Cameron, model Kate Moss and Madonna. Somehow "it's my shtick to be a jackass" Simon Cowell ...
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Nismo87 Feb 02, 2012
I watch WCC sometimes and I agree with Patrick lol. I can appreciate what he has created but he's kind of annoying to watch.
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2012
West Coast Customs. Ryan seems like he'd be a cool guy to hang out with for awhile but he's too over the top. Watching his show, he acts like an emotional teenager 90% of the time.
Jack Higgins Feb 02, 2012
I don't even know what WCC is.
Emmanuel Irizarry Feb 02, 2012
I'd prefer it with the guy from WCC
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2012
I've heard nothin but good things about Foose. He seems like a genuine dude.
Michael Gallagher Feb 02, 2012
Because foose looks like a tool. I understand he is an excellent designer yada yada, but he still looks like and acts like an a-hole. "no one can do what I do, I am the worlds best! Bow down to me!". That's what I hear when I hear him speak lol
Raymond Reynoso Feb 02, 2012
I'd kill myself if I got within a mile radius of Chip Foose, I dunno why but I dislike that guy.
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2012
Haha that's hilarious. I wanna take a road trip with Jay Leno or Chip Foose.
Paul Lissona Feb 06, 2012
That's offensive to Christians or other religions.
Dale Fredriks Feb 04, 2012
"I think I'm the first person in history to call God a loser!"
Paul Lissona Feb 03, 2012
I saw a new xj in front of me today, a light blue one.
Ghee Buttersnaps Feb 02, 2012
This is his version of the etrade baby's "shocked face"
Matthew Thompson Feb 02, 2012
That was a good episode of Top Gear:) "The race against God!"
Pablo Herasme Feb 02, 2012
Hes saw the new 991 model Porsches.
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 02, 2012
Oo he's in a Jag XJ. Those things are nice!
Micah Buffat Feb 02, 2012
He's thinking "stupid paparazzi scare the crap out of me! And how the hell did you get in my carr?"
Caldera193 Feb 02, 2012
Its like songs of praise, with a supercharger!