Comments - Unique of the Week: 1957 Elva MK II Sports Racer

Published: Feb 18, 2012
Description: Motorsports have certainly come a long way since their humble beginnings. While not the safest of professions, some drivers have gone on to become icons, while others are fulfilled simply because they...
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Description: They featured aluminum, hand-formed bodies and were powered by a standard 1,100 cc Coventry-Climax engine. This particular Elva MK II, now for sale on eBay, is one of only four that currently appears ...
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Jimmy Boyle Mar 11, 2012
this is what cars should look like
Description: It continued its racing careers with appearances at the "June Sprints" and the 1959 "Road America 500." Along the way it suffered some damage to a front chassis tube, which was rep...
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Description: The new body was also made by the traditional hand-powered English Wheel method. It has now been registered as a vintage racer and has competed in several recent events. However, whoever ends up buyin...
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Natalino Monastra Feb 18, 2012
Doesn't come with motor????
Clint Edwards Feb 18, 2012
Wouldn't wanna pay for one Weber, let alone 2
Rami Wilson Feb 18, 2012
Looks like wicked fun.
Micah Buffat Feb 19, 2012
Then hopefully they don't were seat belts when driving it
Matt Martir Feb 18, 2012
Id be scared to drive it. Imagine if your loose end of the seatbelt got caught in the driveshaft joint, or even hitting your elbow on the spinning joint and it just blows off your elbow.....ow