Description: Courtesy of Inside Line, this unique track test sees a supercharged 1968 Camaro pitted against a similarly supercharged 2011 in order to compare things such as torque, times, and, most importantly, so...
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Description: Other modifications include a six-speed Tremec transmission taken from the same car, Corvette C4 front brakes and rear brakes from a Camaro Z28. Modifications to the contemporary Camaro SS were done b...
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Brandon Mabe Feb 27, 2012
Zr1 camaro, just another one of 4 chevys cars that can perform a lap on nurburgring under 7 min. Proud owner of a 68 restoration project.
Jason Rosas Feb 20, 2012
@cesar you mean to tell us that the Veyron out performs a Camaro? :O now when I buy a car I will be conflicted between which of the two I should buy.
Patrick R. Manuel Feb 19, 2012
Diego I must say, your Chevelle must be pretty cool. Learned to drive on a 69 Olds Cutlass.
Mario Callirgos Feb 19, 2012
For performance caterham and Ariel can match America for price although caterham has ford motors
Justin Routh Feb 18, 2012
The cheapest bmw or merc is more expensive, wouldnt match performance or reliability
Justin Routh Feb 18, 2012
Cesar i can end this whole argument with this: what car from europe or anywhere else can match american and be the same price? None. Everything you have mentioned are hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLAR Camaro.
Diego Pasotti Feb 18, 2012
@Cesar Yeah, but at least it has a American engine LS9!!!!! ( Corvette ZR1)
Mario Callirgos Feb 18, 2012
S7 is an American car 100%, that car matched Enzo performance with 110 less hp and handled well enough to spank MC12 on the race track The ACR is still the leader at the ring and seca despite being 2 years old.
Diego Pasotti Feb 18, 2012
@Cesar How does your comment make sense! "tell me of a American car that can run 0 to 100kph = 0 to 62 MPH???? What are you trying to say?
Patrick Schalk Feb 18, 2012
Haha I guess Cesar has never heard of the Hennessey Venom GT, Ultimate Aero, or Saleen S7. What a boob.
Diego Pasotti Feb 18, 2012
@Patrick R. I might not have a 750 hp car.... But tell you what I do own a all original 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 (LS6).... Have pics, paper work & title to prove it to you.... And yes I would run you down 24/7 with a big smile on my face!
Patrick R. Manuel Feb 18, 2012
Diego, 750hp = more than you got.
Matthew Leon Feb 18, 2012
lol more fussing around
Diego Pasotti Feb 18, 2012
@cesar BMW G Power??? You just throwing a tuner(call hurricane) In here... I watch the video and all I can say, am not impress.750 hp big deal, type in YouTube 1800hp 454 LSX engine from Tom Nelson ,so you can watch a real engine(The American sound).... Oh and by the way Chevrolet makes a engine call ZZ/ 572 big block 780hp create engine or the ZZR/572/650hp street engine, you can find this engine...
Patrick Schalk Feb 18, 2012
These Europeans wouldn't have crap except maybe an Aston or two?
Patrick Schalk Feb 18, 2012
Yay arguments! Cesar is just mad he can't have a beauty like this 68 is his garage. Haha as I've said before I think it's hilarious that Europeans take credit for others contributions and success within the automotive world. Without Germany and Italy
Justin Routh Feb 18, 2012
I dont mind that they're upgraded but i really think they messed up with the new engine in the '68. They definatly should have left the carburated engine in it
Diego Pasotti Feb 17, 2012
@Cesar The Camaro was the official car of and used in the International Race of Champions starting in 70'S and it lasted for 12 years,and It was the first American car of the series succeeding the Porsche Carrera RSR....imparare un fatto, prima di aprire sei bocca! @the Ford comment The Camaro beat the Mustang 3 Years in o row in the Trans Am Series! Another little fact, you can learn in life.
Cody Matthews Feb 17, 2012
I Think the American sports/super (Corvette, Viper, GT, Hennessy, SSC, ect.) cars are amazing. The muscle cars are only good if you pay atleast $50,000 for them. Btw I'm talking about modern American cars (2000+)
Jesse Demasi Feb 17, 2012
American junk these things are fast especially for how much they compared to a Lamborghini or Ferrari
Jesse Demasi Feb 17, 2012
@Nick I think most people buy tuners because their cheap like their not that fast unless you put a lot of money into them unless you get like an STI or an Evo X plus the fast and the furious movies made the tuners most popular and @ceasar this is not
Jason Brower Feb 17, 2012
Well Cesar, any hennessy viper or ford gt, lingfelter corvettes, the new Shelby gt500, hurst muscle cars, and many, many more.
Mikey Jimenez Feb 17, 2012
@Cesar huh? Do you realize how broken your English is?
Nick Steiger Feb 17, 2012
If I may say, people buy Exotics for exclusivity and performance, tuners for speed, and American muscle for outright power
Mikey Jimenez Feb 17, 2012
The 68 camaro only weighed around 3200 pounds by the way. And like patrick said, "suck it imports"!
Eric Henning Feb 17, 2012
Yea this video really shows off how ford is better than chevy
Matt Piccolo Feb 17, 2012
@ Patrick for a muscle car... I guess
redstalion Feb 17, 2012
this is why for rules lol
Teddy MacDonell Feb 17, 2012
I thought a stock 2011 has a faster 0-60 than this. this is supercharged also
Andy Clouthier Feb 17, 2012
Mostly safety regulations....crumple zones and airbags, for example.
Vince DeMasi Feb 17, 2012
Sexy! And the 68 is lighter idk why Chevy made the new camaro's so heavy
Paul Lissona Feb 17, 2012
I thought as most do it should be stock against stock it's dumb otherwise.
Craig Smith Feb 17, 2012
And whilst i'm thinking about it. The guy says he's measuring soul. And in my mind by ripping out the internals aren't you also removing a car's soul?
Craig Smith Feb 17, 2012
I'm a novice when it comes to heavy modification but if I read it right what we have here is a 2002 camero in a 68 body. Is it really putting old against new? No offence intended, just don't get it
Phillip Greene Feb 17, 2012
The 68 weighs less what are yall talking about?
Greg Lewis Feb 17, 2012
Imagine what the new camaro would do at the same weight as the 68?
Mark Ridenour Feb 17, 2012
Whoopty doo. Totally invalid test. Nice cars tho.
KyleM Feb 17, 2012
Yeah this isnt really a comparison of new vs old. Its more accurate to say they are comparing cosmetics. Stock vs. stock would make more since
Igor Natsioks Feb 17, 2012
The guy said it had the same suspension so why would it perform bad? I get it that it's old and heavier but still it shouldn't do bad. Plus it has a modern engine, so all he is doing is comparing the bodies....
Justin Routh Feb 17, 2012
I would take the '68 any day
Patrick Schalk Feb 17, 2012
Shows what you can do with a nice suspension. The 68 going through the slalom was amazing. Suck it import boys!!!
redstalion Feb 17, 2012
now this car is way better than the new one... love it
Phillip Greene Feb 17, 2012
Any classic american car is more fun to drive then any late model car, i just think its weird how you all say chevy doesnt make good cars anymore when there sales number disagrea with you
David Gray Feb 17, 2012
68 is beautiful. New one is just 'ok' compared to the 68
Thomas Mackey Feb 17, 2012
I agree but disagree. They have stepped up recently. And that 68 is a thing of beauty. Much better than the new one. I have driven both and the 68 is much more fun to drive.
JGL Scuderia Feb 17, 2012
chevrolet dont konw how to make cars anymore cause this looks better than the new one.
Patrick Schalk Feb 17, 2012
Take the chrom trim piece in the middle off, then give it to me
Robert Lantz Feb 17, 2012
Hell ya 68 way better muscle cars arnt wat they used to be
Matthew Malyapa Feb 17, 2012
Not as good as the 68