Comments - Spied: Mystery EV Sports Car Prototype

Published: Feb 17, 2012
Description: Even when camouflaged, we have a decent idea of what make and model we're looking at when prototypes like this are spied testing. On this occasion however, we're stumped. Our photos show a t...
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Cameron Vandygriff Apr 23, 2013
And if you look closely it has the rims off of the Bugatti veyron pur sang
Cameron Vandygriff Apr 23, 2013
It actually looks like a modern version of the Bugatti type 57 atlantique and it makes sense since the veyron is not in production anymore and Bugatti is german
Aaron Weslow Feb 18, 2012
First time it's seen, and it's in the snow? Look@the cage. This is def rallycar - either the Murray or Prodrive, IMO.
Jim morrison Feb 18, 2012
that's pretty weird. this ain't spam but check out
Chance Hales Feb 18, 2012
At first I thought Gordon Murray but now I think it could even be a new Smart.
Pablo Herasme Feb 17, 2012
Its the end of the world as we know it.
Kevin Irish Feb 17, 2012
Good job with the camo whoever built this thing. I'm thinking Porsche, though. Definitely NOT a Miata, however. Mazda already has their new design language out there for all to view, so it would be pointless for them to waste money on this much camo.
Brahim Gudah Feb 17, 2012
Lol it looks comically Porsche like minus the head lights
Ray Garcia Feb 17, 2012
The large fenders and lights are prolly part of the disguise and not the actuall shape
Brandon Lidy Feb 17, 2012
Matt hit the nail on the head. I hope it's all camouflage
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Feb 17, 2012
Back looks like a buggati
Abraham Mendoza Feb 17, 2012
What could it be, why would the wheels be so deep inside the rear fenders? This car makes no sense!
Elijah McCord Feb 17, 2012
Ridiculous fender flare in the rear, and I hope those lights aren't actually supposed to be part of the car.
Callum Lloyd Priestley Feb 17, 2012
Gordon murrays t27 ???
Matt Robbins Feb 17, 2012
You're all wrong. It looks like crap
Avery Williams Feb 17, 2012
That is definetly not a Porsche.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Feb 17, 2012
Looks lika a miata and an rx7
Kevin Rehbock Feb 17, 2012
The return of the 2CV?
Trevin Howell Feb 17, 2012
I'm with Jose on the miata
Nick Benz Feb 17, 2012
Nah its Gary. You know, spongebobs pet snail. Its got the big shell and the eyes on stalks.
Patrick Schalk Feb 17, 2012
Looks like a Porsche hahahaha
Blake Antil Feb 17, 2012
It looks like a beetle so ima guess Porsche.
Description: This suggests the test car may be from one of the German OEMs but it could equally be a red herring. Spotted on the winter test track of a large supplier company who weren't too keen on having it...
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Description: The dimensions of the car are small and narrow, and it's also worth noting that the rear wheels appear to be quite far inside the fenders. So, what do you think it is?
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Alex Bouckley Feb 21, 2012
I think it's one of those small car companies that no ones ever heard of
Declan O'Connell Feb 18, 2012
front looks like a mazda (dont no wich1) back is almost like an old nueva 500 or a beetle OR as u say a weissman
Austin Cindric Feb 17, 2012
I think the body on the car is just a cover up of what it really looks like
Gary Howard Feb 17, 2012
I think it's ugly haha
Brandon Gorman Feb 17, 2012
I'm really thinking Citroen. Note the elevated headlamps and 2cv-like rear end
Matthew Magness Feb 17, 2012
I think Weissmen is a gd shout with them at geneva soon?
Nicolas Blake Mullen Feb 18, 2012
Miata front, raised rx-7 headlights. Haha
Matthew Malyapa Feb 17, 2012
Those added headlights make it look like a deformed miata
Cameron Vandygriff Apr 27, 2013
I think it's a Bugatti type 57 atlantique it has the same shape and it has Bugatti veyron sang blanc rims
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 17, 2012
It cant be a lambo look how high that guy is sitting in it unless its a roadster
Ray Garcia Feb 17, 2012
Idk why but I think it's lambo
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 17, 2012
Back does look a little Bugatti-ish
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Feb 17, 2012
I'm telling u ... That back looks like a Bugatti
Colin Dzendolet Feb 17, 2012
look at the taillights, obviously a Bugatti (eye roll). bet its some boutique manufacturer
JGL Scuderia Feb 18, 2012
i have no idea of what this is but it defenitly not very good looking.
Alex DeManche Feb 17, 2012
I'm actually sayin Nissan cuz of the tail lights
Trent Griffin Feb 17, 2012
My money's on Porsche...but not much of my money...
B Man Hilf Feb 17, 2012
The lines look like a morgan
Micah Lau Feb 17, 2012
Well, it's right there in black and yellow: it's an Elektrofarhzeug.
Jon Ashley Feb 17, 2012
The door and side window sort of look like an ASL Garinya. Not that it is one.