Description: With this behind-the-scenes video, Chrysler has now released three videos to promote the 2012 Laramie Limited and while all feature the pickup, this one is all about the cocktail of stunning models.
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Norman Agustin Feb 17, 2012
Nice. They filmed this on the Big Island of Hawaii. My home.
Hank Austin Feb 16, 2012
Carbuzz you have redeemed yourself for the Lexus girl
Anders Schrøder Feb 16, 2012
Ram-babes vs. Lexus babes 1 - 0
Description: The luxury truck has already made its debut at the Chicago Motor Show and there's nothing new to add. We like it, yes, but if it weren't for these superhot models strutting their stuff on th...
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Patrick Schalk Feb 17, 2012
No idea man. Hopefully, but there isn't really a huge truck market over there for the Big 3. If you can find a Power Wagon though, get it.
Craig Smith Feb 17, 2012
The other thing is, will it be coming across the pond to the UK?
Patrick Schalk Feb 17, 2012
I'd buy a Power Wagon over this but these are nice. You can't go wrong with a Hemi. Mine was awesome and I beat the crap out of it.
Craig Smith Feb 17, 2012
To all pick up users (especially US guys) are these things all they're cracked up to be? I need something that says ah this guy means business. The motors I've got kinda just say yuppy when looked at by my construction guys! Lol