Comments - Refreshed Ferrari California to Debut at Geneva

Published: Feb 16, 2012
Description: Ferrari always said they would never build an entry-level model. While many industry watchers simply didn't believe them (spy shots at the time indicated something new was in development), it&apo...
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Kevin Rehbock Feb 16, 2012
The GranTurismo shares its platform with the Quattroporte.
Jordan Smith Feb 16, 2012
Is the California built on the same platform as the GranTurismo?
Teddy MacDonell Feb 16, 2012
California's are awesome but there's really not room for passengers in the back
Matthew McKernan Feb 16, 2012
I think the 458 Scuderia is next year but I'm not sure
Thibault Leroy Feb 16, 2012
i would think the F430 is kinda an entry level sports car
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Feb 16, 2012
And 458 Scuderia? Or is that next year?
Matthew McKernan Feb 16, 2012
New California, the 599 replacement, and the F70 Enzo replacement. this is gona be a good year for ferrari
Jack Higgins Feb 16, 2012
My favorite car is the California. It's beautiful.
John Serely Feb 25, 2012
Personally, I think the California is a great looking car.
Matt Piccolo Feb 17, 2012
I find it funny u guys want a zr1 over this lmao... This is beter in so many ways lmao
Adam SpankySlaps Feb 17, 2012
Ford fans usually have a stick up their asses for Chevy, they usually don't like Chevys, that's all. U seem a little immature
Greg Kenerly Feb 17, 2012
No doubt, to each his own. Just a humble guy saying that I'd feel awkward driving my California to Best Buy. Plus, i think the speed limit is the same no matter what car youre in. And think of the insurance for a 20something on a Ferrari. P.S. I live in Atlanta and there are plenty of 3 bedrooms for $
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 17, 2012
It depends where you live. In europe I would drive the zr1, it's rare over there and in the US I would drive the California
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 16, 2012
A cheap house and a used corvette orrr... a Ferrari. No brainier for me.
Timothy Hooker Feb 16, 2012
200k would get u a descent house and used vette prices r low
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 16, 2012
And there's nothing wrong with that...if anything it's awesome. I'm just stating my opinion on why I'd get the California if i had the option
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 16, 2012
@greg. I hear ya. But If everyone had a signed baseball by Ruth then no, I wouldn't want one nearly as much. & w.$200k u'd be parking ur vette beside a weak ass house lol. Ur right, everyone has a vette for a reason, its because it's fast and "cheap"
Paul Dickey Feb 16, 2012
@greg. I hope you're talking about a foreclosed house and a used vette.
Jordan Smith Feb 16, 2012
Amen Greg. I'd even take a Z06 over this. Then take it to Hennessey or Lingenfelter and let em do their magic.
Greg Kenerly Feb 16, 2012
Stephen I get what you're saying about Vettes but if everyone had Babe Ruth signed baseballs on their mantle would you want one less? I'm tired of the same old bs I hear about performance cars..."Everyone has one". There's a reason there are so many. It's because this car is a staple in American ingenuity. Plus the California is $200k. That's a paid-for house with a paid-for Vette in the garage.
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 16, 2012
Haha. I'd get this over any Chevy. I know the vettes got performance... But I pass vettes everyday. Maybe not the zr1 but 99% of ppl still see vettes as a middleclass "go-to" car after making a little money. Ferraris are exclusive and beautiful
John Serely Feb 16, 2012
@FORD fan because I like the a7 more than the a8 lol
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 16, 2012
They are two different cars - Style, class, performance, price, etc. I'm sure you're aware of this - but needed to be said
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 16, 2012
@ford. If ur gonna ask "If ur going w.the a7 why not go w.the a8?" then I'm gonna ask - if you go w. the A8 why not go w.the S8? $25k difference from a7-> a8 -> s8. & asking the ? u asked is like asking "if ur going w.the cls why not go w.the S?"
Charlie Liberski Feb 16, 2012
Not true, many people buy ferraris with intent to sell them no more than two years later because they can get most of their money back. And the convertibles, no matter which ones, are the best investments
Charlie Liberski Feb 16, 2012
And lastly as great as the zr1 is, and all comparison aside, the zr1 is not going to hold it's value at all compared to the ferrari.
Charlie Liberski Feb 16, 2012
First off Ferrari recently started offering reasonable maintenance packages for the first couple of years so the comment about maintenance fees is irrelevant. Second, whoever said they would take a vette gs over this is an idiot
John Serely Feb 16, 2012
Personally, I'd take this over a vette in a heart beat (then sell it and get a 911 gt3 and an A7)
Adam SpankySlaps Feb 16, 2012
If ur a ford fan why would u drive a Chevy zr1?
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 16, 2012
My buddies dad had a California and his brother gave him so much crap cuz it was a "girls" car. He traded it in for a 458 half a year later. I thought the whole situation was ridiculous.
Jack Higgins Feb 16, 2012
So FORD fan, you own 3 cars. 1 is a viper and 1 is a custom zr1? I don't believe that for one second.
Aislin Cooper Feb 16, 2012
Best looking retractable hardtop, plus a great looking car all around
Brandon Lidy Feb 16, 2012
Looms a tad like the 599. Not bad Ferrari
David Mikolyzk Feb 16, 2012
A corvette over this. That's funny. Pull up in this and people go DAMN! Pull up in a corvette and no one cares. It's still a Ferrari people.
Vito Portanova Feb 16, 2012
Looks the same to me. And even If they call this the "poor mans Ferrari" or whatever else negative statements are made. I'll take it in a heart beat over a corvette or any other japans car out there!
Timothy Hooker Feb 16, 2012
Looks good but Id take a Corvette gs.....same look ...less moolah
Petrolheadjack Feb 16, 2012
get a maserati gran cabrio... for 45,000 less
JGL Scuderia Feb 16, 2012
WOW. this one look way meaner and quicker than the old one. really really good job on this ferrari. looks great!
Antonio Ramthun Feb 16, 2012
In person this car looks so dope!
Dale Schroeder Feb 16, 2012
It's cute how people call this the "poor man's" Ferrari when it still costs well over $100k just to own one, not to mention the huge annual maintenance costs.
Description: Now it's time for its mid-cycle refresh and Ferrari has once again delivered the goods. Set to debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show, the updated California will be both more powerful and lig...
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Description: For buyers looking for a more dynamic, but not extreme, driving experience, the California can also now be ordered with the optional Handling Speciale package. It's been developed to modify the s...
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Hampus Karlsson Feb 18, 2012
Will it have dual clutch gearbox?
Hank Austin Feb 16, 2012
Cuz ponies is catchy and carbuzz likes to spice it up sometimes
Pi Ka Chu Feb 16, 2012
Hahaha y not just use horses
Joshua Arnott Feb 16, 2012
It says on last page- 490 ponies
JGL Scuderia Feb 16, 2012
good but how much powet is it going to have.. i guess about 460 hp.
John Serely Feb 17, 2012
*all but one (two comments down)
John Serely Feb 17, 2012
That was to Brandon, Vince and Greg. Know your facts guys. All but one Of the current ferraris are front engined. Please know know what your taking about before posting lol.
John Serely Feb 17, 2012
All but one of the CURRENT ferraris are front engined. So, maybe you should know what your talking about before correcting someone, because when your wrong (like now) you look like a dumbass lol
Dayan Fernandez Batista Feb 17, 2012
I don't care where the engine is. As far as it have one, even if it's on the passengers seat. This car is beautiful, kind of Ferrari that shows more class than others models that anyone who win lottery will buy.
John Serely Feb 17, 2012
@greg WTF are you talking about lol
John Serely Feb 16, 2012
Sorry about the confusion. I meant the current lineup. I guess I should have been more specific. I am right about the current lineup lol
John Serely Feb 16, 2012
@heart really? I meant their current lineup lol. You should have read my post lol.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 16, 2012
Technically Ferrari's current lineup is front-mid engined (FF, California, 599) and rear-mid engined only (458) because of where the center of mass is located. The last front engine Ferrari was the 575M and a true rear-engine model has never been made by the factory.
Greg Kenerly Feb 16, 2012
John drives a rear engine Miata. He knows his facts...
Vince DeMasi Feb 16, 2012
@john maybe you should know what your talking about before YOU post
Justin Pedoto Feb 16, 2012
it is mainly the first, and modern Ferrari's that are front engined. the ones from the late 60s to the early 2000s are mid engined.
John Serely Feb 16, 2012
@vince most ferraris are front engine. Only one (458) is mid. The others (FF, 599 and California are front engined) know what your talking about before posting lol
John Gomez Feb 16, 2012
looks awesome, love it
Jack Higgins Feb 16, 2012
It's a tourer, not a racing car
Vince DeMasi Feb 16, 2012
I like it but it should be mid engine like other Ferraris
Josh ?hompson Feb 16, 2012
I saw one of these at a vw dealership it looked so ba and it sounder great
JGL Scuderia Feb 16, 2012
no. this looks really good. i do agree it is the uglyest ferrari right now. but ferraris look good.all of them.