Description: When Ram finally unveiled the Laramie Limited at the Chicago Auto Show it was hoped the follow-up to their teaser video would be released at the same time.
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James Buster Feb 23, 2012
@brock-will the new ram look like a fiat too
Yogi Svend Feb 19, 2012
American's these days...
Mike Bakhsheshi Feb 16, 2012
In general the rams design is outdated
Dustin Miller Feb 16, 2012
You guys are stupid. It's not a new Ram. Just a limited edition of the current model. It's just supposed to be more luxorious along with the black on black. I think it looks great.
Ryan 'Aquase' Bartek Feb 16, 2012
Just makes me think, this thing is cheap. Look at how poorly the shifter is made.
Pratik Parija Feb 15, 2012
Wow beautiful girl! Wait was there a car in the video?
Adenis AK Ruci Feb 15, 2012
OMG! Who saw that? The way she looked at me? She totally wanted my dick...
Brock Andrew Kerr Feb 15, 2012
The Ram Laramie Limited is a new trim package and is not a redesign or anything more than a glorified Laramie. The truck is much like the Long Horn. I don't know why anyone thought it would be a new design. Ram will have a new redesign in 2014 with Fiat designed electronics such as the famed touch screens in the new Charger and 300.
Devon Fernanades Feb 15, 2012
Ef ram, I'll take the model.
Duke Man Feb 15, 2012
They should have the "country version" of this ad where the girls butt is as big as that grill. Lol
Carlton Salmon Feb 15, 2012
'Ere love, put a jumper on - you'll catch your death dressed like that!! Lmao!!
Zack Hickman Feb 15, 2012
It doesn't look that special.
James Hannan Feb 15, 2012
What's the deal that looks v similar to the old one is it a model shoot or a car add hmmm
Joseph Myers Feb 15, 2012
What's new on the ram? -.- or is it a chance to show her off, I'll admit it kinda worked lol
Zachary Sindelar Feb 15, 2012
Modeling Agency should Ask for the Publics opinion on these models, because no ass no boobs = not sexy
Igor Natsioks Feb 15, 2012
It looks like the Ram we have now
Buddy Robinson Feb 15, 2012
Agreed, that Ram looks good, but not special. And the woman, well she'd probably look better dry, who knows.
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 15, 2012
Not super impressed with either.
Description: For their own special reasons Ram has only now done the decent thing and posted the video. In it, the soaking-wet smoking-hot supermodel finally features center stage stepping from the ocean before ta...
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Elijah McCord Feb 16, 2012
@Devin I happen to love the round nose ones, especially the ones with the fender flares on them, my brother has a 97 lariat and I love it. I'm gonna get a two door for my first car.
Kevin Irish Feb 15, 2012
You can't pick out the latest model out of a "past ten years" lineup? Have you been living under a rock? If people are saying this feels dated because it looks just like the current model, that because it is. It's a super-luxurious version of the Laramie, without the barbed wire and belt buckle accents.
Alex Bouckley Feb 15, 2012
Yippee a supermodel unwraps a fancy Ram with navigation and chrome wheels. What's so special?
Devin Babyn Feb 15, 2012
Oh god I hate the round nose ones. It wasn't a good look then and still isn't now. That's just my opinion on that gen though, maybe it's popular somewhere else
Elijah McCord Feb 15, 2012
I think ford should go back to the style they had back in '97 tbh
Patrick Schalk Feb 15, 2012
If this is dated then so is the F150 and Silvy.
Carlton Salmon Feb 15, 2012
Afraid I have to agree, it doesn't shout 'New!' to me. In fact if you lined up all the similar Rams side-by-side from the last 10 years I really would be hard pushed to pick out the latest model.
Nick Sti Feb 15, 2012
Looks outdated already
JGL Scuderia Feb 15, 2012
i cant see any difference. but quite like the ram anyway
Leo Di Leo Feb 16, 2012
I would like to have a sandwhich made by her
Nick Christensen Feb 15, 2012
If you guys pay close attention, you'll see that there was a truck in this commercial
Micah Lau Feb 15, 2012
She certainly got a rise out of me.
Carlton Salmon Feb 15, 2012
Can definitely see the Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie mix going on there - nice combination.
Devin Babyn Feb 15, 2012
Dan omg you made me laugh so hard. Reminded me of a situation my buddy got in lmao
Patrick Schalk Feb 15, 2012
She looks like Jessica Alba mixed with Angelina Jolie.
Nick88gm Feb 15, 2012
I would do dirty things to that
Brad Wood Feb 15, 2012
Way better looking than Angelina, IMO.