Comments - Floss Your Maserati Like a Boss this Valentine’s Day

Published: Feb 14, 2012
Description: The CarBuzz team likes to stay fresh with all of the latest stylings. Maserati's Valentine's Day collection gets our approval as a top gift for guys on the day of love. Partnering up with It...
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Description: The Icon collection features a minimalistic design with silver and blue enamel. The Elegance collection pays great attention to detail and is pure silver. The Pure collection, also silver, has "a...
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Patrick Schalk Feb 15, 2012
Haha touché. That's a good point. I don't know which one is worse.
David Markham Feb 14, 2012
Same here. But isn't it worse if you own the car and have matching cufflinks? Lmao. Well cheesy imo
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2012
Sounds douchey but anyone who wears Maserati cufflinks and doesn't own a Maserati, I will make fun of them.
David Markham Feb 14, 2012
Nice cufflinks but who buys them?!