Description: Yes, the Ferrari F40 is 25 years old. For those of us who grew up worshipping the car (as many still do), the years suddenly may seem to be catching up to us. And like a true French wine, the F40 has ...
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Description: The Ferrari F40 was first launched in 1987 and was the last new model that Enzo Ferrari commissioned before his death. And he wanted it to be the finest example of everything his company had become. P...
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Jairo Garcia Feb 15, 2012
Except those wrapped around trees n stuck in ditches :( My all time Ferrari fav, never gets old; all car no B.S. :D
Jason Brown Feb 14, 2012
Truly one of the greatest cars ever cars built.
Wilson LaFaver Feb 14, 2012
Great car and great power from a 2.9 liter for the time
Justin Tucker Feb 14, 2012
And thank god most of them are still around
Alex Leu Feb 14, 2012
It would be fun but probably very difficult to control all that power compared to today's cars
Colin Dzendolet Feb 14, 2012
Raw power, a true driver's car, no electronic babysitters, what I wouldn't give to row through that gated shifter
Matt Fellowes Feb 15, 2012
Lambo countach was always my dream car and I'd prefer it over an F40 any day but ...... I wouldn't say no to one :-)
Elijah McCord Feb 15, 2012
They are both great, but I'd rather take a countach than an f40 or f50
Vito Portanova Feb 15, 2012
The f50 is a great ferrari also.
Gregory Fatguy Feb 14, 2012
I remember when my dad gave me a model of it and I broke it. ):
Ghee Buttersnaps Feb 14, 2012
The f40 was much better than the f50! The f50 was slower, it couldn't hit 200
Pratik Parija Feb 14, 2012
The ultimate driver's car. Classic
Callum Mckay Feb 14, 2012
The 40 looks and sounds a million times better than the 50
Sam Oglesby Feb 14, 2012
The last true Ferrari is more like it this and the f50
Matthew Paul Feb 14, 2012
How about last truly great Ferrari?
Ryan Pennington Feb 14, 2012
I can't begin to tell you how much I love this vehicle.
Da_ba Feb 15, 2012
Nothing else like it...
Namer Merli Feb 15, 2012
Evergreen classic supercar. Probably the best so far! This one of the few things that make me so proud to be italian...
Matt Hunter Feb 14, 2012
Gets my heart racing just looking @ it
Devin Babyn Feb 14, 2012
I only like the 1st gen and late model stangs. In between it all went wrong, 4th gen by far being the worst
Chris Bridgers Feb 14, 2012
Everyone has a right to an opinion. I disagree some what, but I see how you wouldnt like it. Kinda like how i love mustangs but hate the foxbody design(almost any 80s car honestly)
Dillon Dixon Feb 14, 2012
I completely respect it's performance and that it is a really great car, but I never really liked the look of this. (don't get pissed at me, I'm not saying its ugly, It just never appealed to me)
Sam Oglesby Feb 14, 2012
Fast by today's standards and a timeless look. Doesn't look 25 years old
Thibault Leroy Feb 14, 2012
im sorry but how does the F40 look angry? it has smooth lines and its headlight look like puppy eyes
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 14, 2012
I love the F40! Never liked the Countach though. Diablo is much better looking, in my opinion.
Max Müller Feb 14, 2012
Hah, I've got it in 1:18!
Matt Page Feb 14, 2012
The most beautiful and angry looking Ferrari to live
JGL Scuderia Feb 14, 2012
wow one of the best looking cars ever. possibly the best ferrari ever
Majed Ameeri Feb 14, 2012
As much as I love Lamborghini this is better yhan the countach
Aislin Cooper Feb 14, 2012
Yeah this and the Countach are two of my favorite supercars of all time
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Feb 14, 2012
If i were rich, i would pay more for this car than a ferrari GTO(the one that cost 19 millions €)... Anyday
Tom Mcleod Feb 14, 2012
This car...and more specifically, this car at THIS angle is an image that will forever be revered as one of my top 2 childhood dream cars.. Along with the Countache of course.
Dylan Bures Feb 15, 2012
One of the best ever... No doubt
Falah Jahmi Feb 14, 2012
Classic, it's like your dreaming and your taken back. No HD. Simple, yet beautiful.