Description: Researchers at the University of Tennessee claim that EVs in China are having an impact on pollution that is more harmful to health than gasoline vehicles, owing to the way China generates its electri...
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Flint McNamara Feb 21, 2012
actually to be honest electricity would be produced anyway if its not your electric cars than it is your television, ac etc Period
Michael Gallagher Feb 15, 2012
@elijah, dude.. It's already been proven that EV cars cause more damage.
Patrick Schalk Feb 15, 2012
Elijah, we use coal to produce electricity. If you want to use your EV everyday you have to charge it. You're polluting one way or another.
Elijah McCord Feb 15, 2012
The electricity will simply be used elsewhere... ur argument is invalid. Btw I hate EVs but I just gotta set u gets straight.
Elijah McCord Feb 15, 2012
Actually EVs are cleaner than gasoline no matter what produces the electricity cause think about it, just because u don't charge ur car doesn't mean that there will be less pollution caused by the factory...
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2012
Yeah I love how hippies think electricity is magic. I really want to know what kind of utility bill EV owners have that actually use it everyday. Hahaha I love when they sniff their farts up and make that weird sound with their mouths.
No Pistons Feb 14, 2012
@pat Haha as long as it doesnt mix with George cloney's acceptance speech we should be safe
Ben Arends Feb 14, 2012
Combine fossil fuel pollution, plus pollution from complex mnfr. tech. battery powered cars (life cycle: production, maintenance, disposal- all associated pollution derived) and you have vehicles (Prius) that are worse than 1970 muscle cars.
Ben Arends Feb 14, 2012
Dust-to-Dust LLC Analysis proved this years ago. If Electricity powers E-Cars, then the burden of clean energy is no longer on cars, rather, the burden is placed upon how electricity is generated. Most electricity = fossil fuel.
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2012
We must share this news with the hippy d bags before a smug storm happens!
No Pistons Feb 14, 2012
Well isn't this ironic
Skyler White Feb 19, 2012
LOL @ Anthony, you being serious or was that an engrish joke? XD
Michael Gallagher Feb 15, 2012
Pheas is an idiot. Everyone knows china tips off everything.that is we're all fake watches, phones, computers, cars, "designer" clothes comes from. Everything is fake in china and you don't need a show to prove it
Shane Heid Feb 14, 2012
Hey petrolhead, viper Acr nuff said.
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2012
Haha now we know where you get your information from PHead. That makes sense.
Petrolheadjack Feb 14, 2012
all Chinese vehicles are rip offs or just shit.. as top gear has shown
Anthony Bartolone Feb 14, 2012
I believe this is called the "koala". It looks like a rip off of corolla. Lmao
Description: These small particles of pollution cause serious health problems such as exacerbating breathing and heart problems and are believed to be catalysts for throat and lung cancer. According to the researc...
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Colin Dzendolet Feb 15, 2012
Listen to that Obama, CAFE standards are total BS for this reason, plug-ins and EVs don't help!
Pratik Parija Feb 14, 2012
Lmfo everything made in China is cheap.
Description: "An implicit assumption has been that air quality and health impacts are lower for electric vehicles than for conventional vehicles," civil and environmental engineering professor Chris Cher...
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Micah Lau Feb 14, 2012
John, your comment literally had me laugh out loud on the train during my morning commute - people must have thought that I was nuts.
Petrolheadjack Feb 14, 2012
Beautiful... Im not talking about the car .
Matthew Paul Feb 14, 2012
That actually sooks pretty nice