Description: British patriot and sculptor Stuart Murdoch has created the ultimate tank for charity. The Challenger II was built from 5,000 egg cartons, 26 liters of glue, 15 liters of paint, 80 square meters of st...
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Description: The khaki-green boxes used will also fund charity, as 15 cents from the sale of each box goes directly to the cause. Stuart Murdoch spent 512 hours building the Challenger II. For innovation and a goo...
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Chris Dimattia Feb 17, 2012
He brought awareness to a good cause, raised money for soldiers, and made it onto CarBuzz. I give this guy a lot of respect for taking on such a big project. It looks awesome!
Bob Thebuilder Feb 15, 2012
I think he had a really bad hair day
Marc Jones Feb 15, 2012
Man has too much time?
Patrick Schalk Feb 15, 2012
I'm gonna one up this guy and make a bigger tank out of ostrich egg cartons. Then I will use my tank to crush his!!! Mwahahaha.
Patrick Schalk Feb 15, 2012
I would make the biggest omlet with all those eggs.
Duke Man Feb 14, 2012
This is your brain... This is your brain stacked up in little cartons to look like a tank. Any questions?
Syafiq Hakim Feb 14, 2012
Worth spending his lifetime to do this think..:D
Benjamin Davis Jr Feb 14, 2012
Too much time on his hands!
Micah Buffat Feb 14, 2012
Wasting eggs for charity?!?!?
Timothy Hooker Feb 14, 2012
I'm bout what an eggstravagant piece of ill just stick with cowabunga
Greg Lewis Feb 14, 2012
Eh, it's not all cracked up to what it was supposed to be...
Mikey Jimenez Feb 14, 2012
@Rehul I'm the only one that thought that was funny haha?
Petrolheadjack Feb 14, 2012
It would be better if it could drive..
Sam Oglesby Feb 14, 2012
For a very good cause or did you not read the article before this picture
Rishaan Sharma Feb 14, 2012
Why would you spend your time doing this.....
Henz Herrero Feb 14, 2012
Where the eff do u find the time to do this.. Unless this is job related..
Petrolheadjack Feb 14, 2012
I guess it must fire eggs?
Tommy McFadden Feb 15, 2012
Who builds a tank out of egg cartons It's kinda of sweet but Just weird
Nathan Simpson Feb 14, 2012
This week on the hit program ‘BORED POMS'
Patrick R. Manuel Feb 14, 2012
Weird lookin egg cartons. And they only hold four? They would be gone in a day for me.
JGL Scuderia Feb 14, 2012
i think it only is the ouside of the tank made by egg cartons
David Markham Feb 14, 2012
Not if your weight is distributed over more than one box. Go build a tank out of them and try for yourself :)
Randy Mark Accardo Feb 14, 2012
Wouldn't sitting on top of cardboard egg cartons crush them?
Lee Dunstan Feb 25, 2012
@jason w. Evers, Bit rich isnt it that comment, if it weren't for us you'd still be Iraq
Jason W. Evers Feb 14, 2012
I didnt realize Britain had an army.
Dale Schroeder Feb 14, 2012
Not the most effective form of ablative armor, but with the budget cutbacks it's all we can afford right now...
Ghee Buttersnaps Feb 14, 2012
@Hendrik he's a sculptor, this is his job. Read the article!
Hendrik Reimer Feb 14, 2012
And has a LOT time to spare...
Cian Rules Feb 14, 2012
He must realy like eating eggs