Comments - Tesla CEO Reveals Second-Gen Roadster to Launch in 2015

Published: Feb 13, 2012
Description: The Tesla Roadster shared a platform with the Elise and Exige so when Lotus ended production of these sports cars, the Roadster had no choice but to bow out of the market. A successor has been promise...
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Brad Hickey Feb 13, 2012
To mention. Get both sides of the story to fill in the details.
Brad Hickey Feb 13, 2012
No, they sued because top gear put up the mpge it got when put under harsh track conditions and then claimed that tesla fell short of their claims. The car was rated at 100mile range for normal use, not grueling track abuse, which top gear neglected
Clint Edwards Feb 13, 2012
@Jordan that's what Tesla claimed. According to what I heard the mileage figures came from people at Tesla who then sued Top Gear for slandering their car with information that they themselves provided.
Jordan Smith Feb 13, 2012
I'm not entirely sure if this is right but I heard that Top Gear sabotaged the car for it to last like that.
Jimmy Alonzo Feb 13, 2012
Yeah they tried screwing top gear
Thibault Leroy Feb 13, 2012
i hate tesla because if the procese they did to top gear
Vince Hartman Jan 16, 2013
I have a bright blue one
John Park Feb 16, 2012
Ive seen a bright orange one on my campus. Thing looks crisp
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 13, 2012
I saw one of these in December. It was nothing short of amazing
Kevin Irish Feb 13, 2012
I've been all over these since the beginning. Not for green reasons, just performance. Wish I had the money.
Dillon Dixon Feb 13, 2012
Not bad, but I'll take a gas powered lotus.
Rhys Perkins Thompson Feb 13, 2012
Mix between a Ferrari Porsche and ford (gt)?
John Serely Feb 13, 2012
@JGL this is not the 2015 one lol
JGL Scuderia Feb 13, 2012
i had expected more than that in 2015
Description: Speaking with Inside Line, Musk said that the replacement roadster will be delayed until after the company launches its 'Gen 3' electric car, a smaller and less expensive EV for the masses. ...
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Czezar Csongor Feb 14, 2012
The Model S is already in the production in the Fremont factory and they will build around 40 000 this year, which are sold already yes, they are producing indeed!
James E Caldwell Feb 14, 2012
Seems like their business plan is to continuously tease new models to keep their stock prices up without producing anything. How many years have we been hearing about the S being almost ready?
Richard Mitchell Feb 13, 2012
Actually, Tesla's goal and business plan has always involved a cheaper, affordable car to come after the release of their premium vehicles (Model S & Model X)
Michael Gallagher Feb 13, 2012
Now you'll bring a cheaper model because you guys are circling the drain
Description: The original Tesla Roadster's successor will share its underpinnings with the mainstream model, which is set to rival the likes of the BMW 3-Series and come in at less than $30,000. Photos displa...
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John Park Feb 16, 2012
Thats like a 4th of the cost now... Not gonna happen
Kevin Irish Feb 13, 2012
You could also day that the Toyota Camry looks like 12 other cars put into one. I see a similarity in the tail lights, but not enough to call copyright infringement.
Cian Rules Feb 13, 2012
Stop cmparing cars with other cars it looks like a lotus and thats becouse it is