Description: Turin-based styling house Bertone will debut its radically styled Nuccio Concept at the Geneva Motor Show and to build the hype, a couple of sketches have been teased. The Nuccio will mark the company...
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Jack Higgins Feb 13, 2012
I thought the same thing. It's incredibly ugly.
Chris Bridgers Feb 13, 2012
looks a bit like a citroen gt
Description: In 2006, Nuccio was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit for his numerous achievements. Some of the most beautiful cars in history have come from Italy's acclaimed coachbuilders, ...
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Description: Sitting very low to the ground, the mid-engined berlinetta (Italian for little saloon) will have a muscular stance as per Bertone designs of the past and futuristic styling to indicate where the compa...
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Connor Cruickshank Feb 14, 2012
Is it just me, or is that car extremely wide.
Pablo Herasme Feb 13, 2012
Looks like lines and polygons
Hank Austin Feb 13, 2012
Took me a while to realize which part of the car was the back or the front...
Tanner Middleton Feb 13, 2012
get rid of the bertone in the lights and that would be so sick. you dont need to label your car in the front and back. especialy when your label is so boring.
Michael Gallagher Feb 13, 2012
Instead of running people over, you can now chop off knees and just cripple them! That is one low down, razr looking car. Pretty cool concept though
Tj Blankenship Feb 13, 2012
It looks kinda like a bicycle ramp.