2013 Morgan Plus 8 to Appear at Geneva

After almost a decade in the wilderness, the Morgan Plus 8 is reappearing as a new model.
Following the announcement that the Aero Coupe would be making its debut at Geneva alongside a revised Morgan Roadster and an all-new Morgan Plus 8, the British automaker has decided to reveal some info about their 'classic' Morgan. First thing to note is that they'll be two versions: a production version powered by BMW's 4.8-liter normally-aspirated V8, and an all-electric alternative dubbed the 'Plus-e.'

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Like the Aero cars, the production Plus 8 uses a bonded and riveted aluminum chassis, which combined with slightly smaller proportions results in a lighter curb weight than the Aero Supersports at just 1100kg. Morgan describes the car as its 'most comfortable classic model,' with a/c, a leather upholstered cockpit, high-quality sound system and double-lined convertible roof coming as standard. The V8 is available with as much as 390hp straight from the factory, and can be mated to an optional six-speed torque converter automatic transmission. Both manual and auto versions manage 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds.
According to Morgan chief designer Matt Humphries the 'Plus-e' EV sports car is a prototype. The car's specifics, such as power output and battery type, remain unconfirmed. "We're developing the idea for production as soon as possible. But it's a working car with a usable range. You just charge it up and go for a blast."