Comments - Hartge Tunes the BMW 1-Series

Published: Feb 12, 2012
Description: BMW specialists Hartge has released their latest aftermarket program focused on the 1-Series. Known in-house as the F20, the Bimmer by Hartge received a nice body kit and a bit of added power. In term...
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Thomas Mackey Feb 13, 2012
My iPad screen is guna crack due to this thing being that ugly. On a positive note cool to see the top engine being a diesel. That's some sweet torque numbers.
Paul Lissona Feb 13, 2012
They need to stop with all the crossover weird vehicles. Traditional 3 and 5 series is what they should keep.
balls deep Feb 12, 2012
I still like it, guess I'm a hatch guy.
Imminentvictory Feb 12, 2012
Bmw's commitment to building uglier cars has reached new highs with this p.o.s and the new 3series. How can the make car as sexy as the z4 and then pin this design?
Petrolheadjack Feb 12, 2012
I think your looking at the wrong picture ? its ugly..
balls deep Feb 12, 2012
Carbuzz now you're just teasing us in the US with this beautiful 1 hatch again. I love this car!
Description: For an aggressive stance, Hartge has lowered the suspension by 30mm and added a set of sporty 19-inch aluminum wheels. A sports exhaust system has also been added. The interior features velour floor m...
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Cian Rules Feb 13, 2012
Ford fan i dont think any one in the price range of a diesal hatch back can afford to spend a lot more on a cts v there completly irelivant to this car why not compare it to a focus instead
Villem Valgi Feb 13, 2012
It reminds me of a cute persian kitten running and making powerslides on the kitchen floor and making its owners smile.
Adam Fox Feb 13, 2012
@Lee thats kinda f-ed up... But anywho I
Lee Cascio Feb 13, 2012
Does it have downsyndrome?
Weston Caloyer Feb 12, 2012
Looks like a fat bloke sat on the front.
Cian Rules Feb 12, 2012
What the hell is with you americans and the cts v this is a diesal hatchback and youre comparing it to a 500 and some thing bhp estate
Patrick Joseph Feb 12, 2012
Only the headlights suck. The rest is similar to the previous model
Alexander Gomez Feb 12, 2012
It's the ugly step-sister of BMW family.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 12, 2012
Looks like an angry bird
Dillon Dixon Feb 12, 2012
Yuck, this car looks like a turd. It doesn't flow at all.
John Serely Feb 12, 2012
I still can't get past the front end. I don't like it for some reason. I guess it will grow on me after a while.
Miko Reginella Feb 12, 2012
Looks wayyyy better than the coupe version we get in the U.S.
Jon Ashley Feb 12, 2012
its making a frowny face!
Matt Piccolo Feb 12, 2012
Is it just me or does the back of this car not look BMWish at all
Avery Williams Feb 12, 2012
They will. I'm sure of it.
Miko Reginella Feb 12, 2012
They need to make a 1 series M with this