Description: "Imported from Detroit" has become the most famous sequel in the history of Super Bowl ads. And it also aroused controversy in political circles. The first part was broadcast during the 2011...
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Description: They're now a Detroit enterprise. This year the ad's creators went a step further. With Chrysler's approval, they produced a sequel that was more political. There were a lot of atmosphe...
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Andy Kelly Apr 13, 2012
I highly doubt that the #1 most liberal city is gonna be rebuilt anytime soon, mentally at least.
Luis Lujan Feb 13, 2012
If only the 'American' people had a sense of Patriotism. I came up with a tagline for Ford the other day which follows along the same lines: Focused On Rebuilding Detroit.
Thomas Mackey Feb 13, 2012
"nearly no cars" Really? Are you blind?
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2012
Regardless, I'm glad Chrysler and GM are still around, bailout or not. It's exciting to see the Big 3 thriving and competing while making awesome cars for all of us.
Elijah McCord Feb 12, 2012
@Julian thanks for pointing that out
Chris Harrison Feb 12, 2012
this was the best thought out ad of the superbowl
Julian Pilinci Feb 12, 2012
Christopher, you are right on the first two ones. Fiat is not part of Chrysler, Chrysler is part of Fiat, remember that!
Elijah McCord Feb 12, 2012
@Christopher GM stands for General Motors and Chevy is part of GM and Fiat is part of Chrysler I think so at least show some respect for the maker before trash talking it
Michael Gallagher Feb 12, 2012
We shall see how long it lasts. Good luck Detroit, you will need it.
Christopher Hines Feb 12, 2012
Europe is a giant entitlement society over 70% of the people don't pay taxes.. Hand outs get it ! Lamborghini was started with a government loan thats strange huh? Wonder if all the tax payers in that country at that time wanted a super car or food in their stomachs and not being taxed to fund a car company........
Sam Oglesby Feb 12, 2012
Erm no not well done Hines there weren't any car companies bailed out in Europe
Christopher Hines Feb 12, 2012
Ford did not take any bailout from anyone Soooo that means they are the only true American car company left .... Cause Chrysler 60% fiat,Chevy government motors and in my eyes nothing American about hand outs this is not Europe .......
Kevin Rehbock Feb 12, 2012
When the second half ends, do we go into overtime and bail out Chrysler again?
Nick Benz Feb 12, 2012
Bob you know chevy is american. The message is just to get ready to work hard. Do everything to the best of your ability no matter what your job is.
Elijah McCord Feb 12, 2012
Yeah GM is American but chrysler has made the biggest comeback in automotive history other than spyker
Vince DeMasi Feb 12, 2012
I liked it kinda uplifting
Description: The narration by Clint Eastwood, the ultimate American hero, was the focal point. The local and national patriotism were uttered in abundance and insinuations for the coming political confrontation we...
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P_R_N_D Feb 13, 2012
The "news", just like any other show, needs to make money. Taking this approach gives them the opportunity to put a political spin on something popular and capitalize on its success. The super bowl is a ratings juggernaut and they just want a piece.
Aaron Snyder Feb 13, 2012
There goes Fox "News" again trying to sound like they have a real scoop. Pulling News out of their collective a##es.
Hank Austin Feb 13, 2012
@dan, sorry missed that one @dylan that's so true
Dylan Bruder Feb 13, 2012
Eastwood the ultimate American hero? Uhh no I think that title belongs to our troops
Luke Gordon Feb 12, 2012
CNN (communist news network) that's what I've always called it
Hank Austin Feb 12, 2012
CNN, what a joke... Honestly if your going to watch anything on a news channel that is mostly democrat or mostly republican you're a fool. News is meant to be just that, news and nothing more. You as a person have to judge the things you see on the news channel, the news shouldn't tell you how to think or feel
Matt Hunter Feb 12, 2012
Fox news, what a joke
Description: "Powerful spot. Did Clint shoot that, or just narrate it?" commented David Axelrod, a former Obama aid who is currently running the president's reelection campaign. Noises from the Whit...
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Description: Last weekend, NADA, the National Automobile Dealers Association, had their annual gathering in Las Vegas and President Bush was invited to speak. He wasn't oblivious to his contribution to the a...
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Cody Matthews Feb 25, 2012
@lee but what if no investors did step in? Then we would be screwed having over 1/5 of the nation without a job. That would kill the economy even worse and then we would all be screwed.
Lee Cascio Feb 13, 2012
Shortage of investors who are willing to buy it and rebuild it that's the point of capitlism. Instead the government, which has no right to, provided bribe money for the leaders to step down and be replaced with friends of the administration.
Lee Cascio Feb 13, 2012
Thank god he won't be able to ever do it again. Bail outs are not what America is about we stand for free enterprise. If a company is managed poorly and goes bankrupt, no matter how big they are, they have to fail. It's not like there would be a
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2012
I think there was potential for each company (except Saturn) but I believe they were just managed horribly. The G8, Firebird, and arguably the GTO, were the best thing to happen to Pontiac. Hummer was just all kinds of screwed up.
Elijah McCord Feb 12, 2012
That and they bought and made every car company they could. Was there really ever any point in Saturn? There wasnt much point in pontiac or hummer either but I'm still sad those two went because they had iconic cars.
Hank Austin Feb 12, 2012
You think bush caused the auto industry to downfall? You're a fool. It was their own fault because they cut corners and made horrible cars.
Matt Moeller Feb 12, 2012
Yay, take credit for treating the symptom and forget about the root cause. Sounds about right.
Description: He will certainly be congratulated by the main beneficiary of Chrysler's bailout and the bankruptcy process, the current Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. Marchionne said in a short statement after...
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Joseph Yeow Feb 22, 2012
So who bail out GM and Chrysler out actually?? It's seem Bush and Obama trying to claimed all the credits from America.
Brad Wood Feb 13, 2012
You are correct about the debt crisis. However, the debt level is not part of the definition of recession. Recession is "two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth". We are out of the recession, by definition. Maybe a new term should be used?
Lee Cascio Feb 13, 2012
What do you mean were back? You really think the "recession" is over? We still have a serious debt issue that no one is addressing, our debt has surpassed our nations GDP for the first time in history. were struggling to just pay the interest now.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Feb 13, 2012
@hank, not just democrats and republicians or people, but Americans
Hank Austin Feb 12, 2012
I think it was a message about how we need to cut the arguments and all the bs and get our act together to power through this. We need to get through this as a people, not as democrats or republicans
Ryan Fitzgerald Feb 12, 2012
of course it has a "political" message. however instead of having a partisan message like fox would love to tell you It's a "ready or not world America is coming back and we're leading with our cars!"
Luis Lujan Feb 13, 2012
The last true American.
Hamza Hamid Feb 13, 2012
I love this guys character
Shane Heid Feb 12, 2012
The original American badass. This guy was the muscle car of men.