Description: Introducing electric cars in the marketplace is not going to be an easy ride, and the travails of Fisker Automotive, the builder of the electric range-extending Karma, are a testament to that. The com...
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Chris Dimattia Feb 17, 2012
Yep. Obama: "we are going to have 1million electric cars on the road by 2015". "I will also make gas prices skyrocket to force you to drive these peices of crap"
Adam Roeger Feb 12, 2012
Anyone know why our Gov't gave then $193 million to produce a $120,000 car? In another country?
Petrolheadjack Feb 11, 2012
except Chinese cars are a bit... how do I put this.. SHIT ?
Josh Andrews Feb 11, 2012
There losing money because i have never even heard of this car they need to expand there fan base
Matthew Paul Feb 11, 2012
Except for the fact that they would lose money on each car sold. Cheap with luxury and 1000 lb/ft of torque does not work
Frank Alberto Baez Feb 11, 2012
They should use Chinese strategy: produce more at a lower price. Ppl w money don't care much of saving some coins at the pump or electric Bill. Can you imagine this car at 30-45k? It will be the end of a lot of makers.
Description: That may be done with American tax payers' money. In fact, the Karma is manufactured in, of all places, Finland. So far Fisker Automotive has withdrawn just $193 million out of the $529 million l...
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Matthew van der Linde Feb 13, 2012
A company which is already established should buy fisker out, a company with experience like ford or bmw
Kevin Rehbock Feb 12, 2012
Takes even more capital to sustain Fisker's business model, which isn't favorable in the DOE's eyes.
Shane Heid Feb 12, 2012
It takes I LOT of capital start a business like pagani, it wasn't rags to riches for the , it was riches to more riches
Elijah McCord Feb 11, 2012
This is a bit discouraging considering I'm gonna start my own car manufacturer, but then again look at pagani and Koenigsegg.
Brandon Lidy Feb 11, 2012
I think Fisker jumped in thinking gm and chrysler might not make it out of their down time
Clint Edwards Feb 11, 2012
If I was trying to make money, I sure as hell wouldn't try the automotive industry. Too many bigger players with bigger pockets.
Colby Church Feb 11, 2012
Fisker's cars are too expensive to sell, especially considering they have little brand recognition. They should've designed a car looking as good as the Karma with a low price tag around $30,000, not $100,000. I could get a ZR1 for that price.
Nick Smith Feb 11, 2012
Maybe, although I doubt it, this will teach the Government to stay out of the free market and let the economy pick the winners and losers
Michael Gallagher Feb 11, 2012
Kick em out! End Fisker like Pontiac, hummer and Saturn. And also Saab now. Fisker, your next! I hope.
Ghee Buttersnaps Feb 11, 2012
Wow fisker, what a failure
Kevin Watson Feb 11, 2012
@eli tell your dad to keep his head up. When one door closes another opens.🙏
Thibault Leroy Feb 11, 2012
@Eli im sorry hope he will find a job soon
Kevin Rehbock Feb 11, 2012
Have to give the government some credit here. Fisker sets a lofty goal to meet, they don't meet it, and now the DOE is holding their feet to the fire. Good luck to Fisker, because missed deadlines, inflated prices, a voluntary safety recall, and low sales figures aren't really a good model to base a re-negotiation for frozen loans.
Eli Orzechowski Feb 11, 2012
My dad was one of those 26 workers laid off. This article clears a lot up for me
Julian Carbajal May 27, 2012
Despite the problems fisher is Having, I see potential in this car. Making it solar powered is the right Idea for it to gather energy and not depend on a generator to recharge. I'm assuming it's solar technology is suitable for daily driving
Nick Tadych Feb 13, 2012
The cars styling is stunning, but I hate how it's an ev, a care like this should have a v12 and be running laps around nurburg not prancing around with 400 horse and having the figures of a prius the things a tank without any of the benifets
Elijah McCord Feb 12, 2012
Plus the fact that if u get shocked by one due to faulty wiring or something like that ur dead
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2012
It's a silly dream for these to be more reasonable everyday cars until they establish infrastructure, ensure longevity of electric components is better than gas cars, begin training mechanics to better understand EVs, plus make electricity cheaper
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2012
than it currently is by truly by using more renewable resources making gas the clear outsider. That's going to take another generation till then, if ever.
Cody Jacques Feb 11, 2012
Cesar... Not even close. they both have a mustashe and thats about it
Elijah McCord Feb 11, 2012
The BMW Z8 looked like a small boat, not a car... just sayin
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 11, 2012
I saw one on the highway in naples florida. Its a very unusual looking car
Raymond Reynoso Feb 11, 2012
I'd like it a lot better with a regular engine in it
Tanner Middleton Feb 11, 2012
those thick chrome strips in the grill are horendous
Ethan Amo Feb 11, 2012 looks like its from Finland
Cody Jacques Feb 11, 2012
It's a sweet car dispite the grille. An ugly grille is such a simple fix, their stubborness is what's killing the company.
Keenan Casteel Feb 11, 2012
This makes me happy. I hate EVs because they don't work in the real world... Yet, anyway. And this thing looks like it has one of those bad mustaches like Enigo Montoya.
Sebastian Grey Feb 11, 2012
@JGL "I'm Danish" why did you end your comment with that? Lol
Daniel Marino Feb 11, 2012
I saw one of these in silver strolling through my town last week. Such a head turner!
Dale Schroeder Feb 11, 2012
It's not that EVs aren't wanted, it's that most are being sold as low volume, high-dollar boutique cars and not as affordable daily drivers. Completely wrong market to be targeting.
Payne Hodges Wilson Feb 11, 2012
I just think they can't sell them because people don't want an electric vehicle or a plug in hybrid of any kind. The government needs to stop trying to tell us what we should buy and start spending money on things to help Americans not the companies
Alex Bouckley Feb 11, 2012
I hate fisker karmas because it's just a plug in hybrid and everyone makes a big deal about it. It's the same with the chevy volt
JGL Scuderia Feb 11, 2012
the cars are not ugly. its danish design and its made by henrik fisker whos danish. i hope fisker will continue. fisker means fisherman.... im danish
Tyler Richey Feb 11, 2012
I'm sticking to my hypothesis. They're not making any money because their cars are ugly. :)
Description: The company says they will ramp up the pace of development in the future and will hire more workers. A spokesman for the DOE said: "Our loan guarantees have strict conditions in place to protect ...
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Chris Dimattia Feb 17, 2012
Sure they will hire more workers. Just like we are in economic recovery.
Description: In total, the company has so far raised more than $850 million from private investors. Fisker is still holding talks with the DOE in trying to clarify a few issues and get the loans needed for further...
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Chris Dimattia Feb 17, 2012
Or a Karma. You got duped.
Chris Dimattia Feb 17, 2012
Note to investors: you are morons and not getting ANY of you money back.
Alex Bouckley Feb 13, 2012
It's body work is designed by tesla but the chassis is lotus
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2012
It's the best looking EV aside from the Tesla roadster which doesn't count since its base off another design (Lotus).
Antonio Ramthun Feb 11, 2012
This design is awesome!
Peter Rotta Feb 11, 2012
It is the only car I know of that looks better In person then it does in photos
Peter Rotta Feb 11, 2012
Lol but tbh I love this car and we test drove one and it drives amazing
Bull Dogone Feb 11, 2012
Damn people are hard to please. If this had a Maserati badge on it or God forbid BMW, people would be dribbling spit all over their keyboards. It's an original, futuristic design I find beautiful because of its lines.
Kevin Watson Feb 11, 2012
If it had fog lights, it would look even better. Dam electric cars.
Jonathan Morgan Feb 12, 2012
Looks like a jag on the back end nothing special about that!
Kevin Watson Feb 11, 2012
That's a really long front end, it have those curves like the Maserati gran turismo. 👈did I spell this right? Lol
Swarun Kulasekaran Feb 12, 2012
This looks amazing!! If only regular people like me could afford it :/
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2012
Yeah buddy. Or even a nice TT Sixxer would do for me. This definitely needs a V8 though. An LS3 would be nice too. Hell, I'd even throw a Hemi in it.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 11, 2012
Nothing a LS7 swap can't fix.
Patrick Schalk Feb 11, 2012
It does look great. I just wish it had gas engines
Peter Rotta Feb 11, 2012
The car looks so much nicer in person
Bull Dogone Feb 11, 2012
Yes it does. People need to appreciate true beauty in automotive design. There are one hell of a lot of boring cookie cutter designs (BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Ford) that people embrace. This is an original with amazing lines.
JGL Scuderia Feb 11, 2012
this looks unbeliveable good
Matthew Paul Feb 11, 2012
Drooling, man that is probably the best looking car on the road