Comments - Who Will Produce Gordon Murray’s City Car?

Published: Feb 10, 2012
Description: It has been a few years now since Gordon Murray, the renowned car designer, began development of a city car and its manufacturing process he branded iStream. Two years ago he presented a running model...
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Max Müller Feb 14, 2012
He is a designer? And makes sth like that?
Jim Jimm Feb 13, 2012
Joe he didn't say semi trailer he said truck. That can be a pickup or suv or something and unless the trucker is going in reverse you can't get t boned by the trailer of a semi
Austin Mitchell Feb 11, 2012
This makes the smart car look beautiful..
Mario Callirgos Feb 11, 2012
How could someone who built ultimate perfection with the F1 actually design this?
Jim Jimm Feb 10, 2012
We look back to the sixties style cars and say wow I want to drive in one of those people 50 years from now will look at modern style cars and say wow what in the world were they thinking
Elijah McCord Feb 10, 2012
No Quads look really weird, even compared to this.
Peter Squire Feb 10, 2012
No, everything is wrong with this. It shouldn't rlly be called a car... Quad-bike maybe...
Knox Ferraro Feb 10, 2012
Plastic is the new matte. Wait, no it isn't.
JGL Scuderia Feb 10, 2012
nobody will make it looks disgusting
Justin Routh Feb 10, 2012
I agree. Perfect golf cart
Chris Penza Feb 10, 2012
I understand it's environmentally friendly, but this car is just a crime
FoxRS Feb 10, 2012
make it look good and maybe it will sell something. I woukdn't buy this as it is.
Elijah McCord Feb 10, 2012
And I bet if u did enough bodywork this could be a mini pagani
Elijah McCord Feb 10, 2012
Make it a convertible and make a few adjustments to the body and it would look pretty good
Devin Babyn Feb 10, 2012
Pretty sure it would be designed to be as cheap as possible. So I'm guessing the window design he chose worked out to a lot less throughout the production
Colin Dzendolet Feb 10, 2012
you'd think he could've designed it to have windows that roll all the way down
Description: All the while Murray, who never considered founding a car manufacturing organization himself, was looking for a car manufacturer or some other investor to license them the car for commercial productio...
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Description: According to the report the two cars will be built on the same production line. The three interested parties are a European car manufacturer, a startup company based in the UK and another one based ou...
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Description: The iStream assembly process, according to Murray, is a complete rethink and redesign of the traditional manufacturing process and could potentially be the biggest revolution in high volume manufactur...
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Description: Back then, 15 potential clients from 12 countries approached Murray; now three are still in the race to produce the T.25 and T.27 as the hour of decisions approaches.
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Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Feb 10, 2012
Guys its ok , it the doors will open in a crash , check out the extra photos
Devin Babyn Feb 10, 2012
I highly doubt this thing could ever go on a highway. So how bad of a crash could it get into driving in the city
Michael Page Feb 10, 2012
True that Harry, also, IF you survive a bad crash in one, can the door open when it's on it's side?
Harry Collins Feb 10, 2012
I think tge door design won't be good when it's raining or covered in snow.
Nick Sti Feb 10, 2012
Interesting design. . .
Chris Dimattia Feb 10, 2012
Don't see any grab handles. I'll just smash my head against the bottom edge of the door.
Kevin Watson Feb 11, 2012
Sing with me fellas, " how much is that human in the window, the one with the waggily tail" lol
Stephen Franz Feb 11, 2012
Looks more like an arcade game than a car
Stephen Franz Feb 11, 2012
The reservoir will disappear when the hatch is closed
Elijah McCord Feb 10, 2012
I'd that a reservoir, in the cabin?