Comments - The Chicago Auto Show is Still Marching On

Published: Feb 10, 2012
Description: One of the things that we love most here at CarBuzz is auto shows. In a way this is bizarre, since for us a car's main attraction is its dynamics and athleticism, its power and noise, its comfort...
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Drake Hughes Feb 11, 2012
I'm going next week. Lookin forward to that Lexus LFLC or whatever it is
Andy Arana Feb 10, 2012
Going tomorrow to the show... Free entry?
Michael Gallagher Feb 10, 2012
Going tomorrow! Holla!! Free entry! He'll ya
Drew J. Kleyweg Feb 10, 2012
next weekend cant come soon enough:-(
Drake Hughes Feb 10, 2012
Yeah I know it's courtesy of Lamborghini Chicago
Nick Benz Feb 10, 2012
No shit ferrari and lamborghini is produced in italy. They are the faces of italian supercars.
Colin Dzendolet Feb 10, 2012
There's no factory presence there, so even though there might be a couple there, they're still absent from the show
Drake Hughes Feb 10, 2012
Yes there will be Lamborghini. Lamborghini Chicago gave them a Diablo, Murcielago, Gallardo, and the Aventador
Shaun Conroy Feb 10, 2012
Not saying I like it, but compared to Dodge's of the past 10 years, (Neon, Avenger), this is a huge improvement, even if it is an Alfa underneath.
Mikey Jimenez Feb 10, 2012
@Matt, That supra looks awful riced out, don't you think guys?
Jordan Smith Feb 10, 2012
I agree Devin, it does look tacky, but if it was body-colored it'd be much better.
Dillon Dixon Feb 10, 2012
Ooooh, carbon fiber on an Eco car! Sounds legit to me!
Devin Babyn Feb 10, 2012
You have to admit it doesn't at all fit the style of the car. Just looks tacky on it
Jeremy Siebert Feb 10, 2012
Carbon fiber is light weight. Reducing weight is NEVER a bad thing for performance, and therefore is NOT rice.
Matthew Paul Feb 10, 2012
Functional scoop might be rice but the unnecessary carbon fibre sure as hell is
Shane Heid Feb 10, 2012
Nope dodge dart, mopar baby a carbon fiber hood with an actual cooling vent is not rice
Description: What can we do? We are car lovers, so even windy Chicago in the midst of winter is worth the effort. Chicago was always part mainstream of the American auto industry and in the early 20th century took...
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Description: However, a few of them certainly showed up to the first Chicago Show that took place in 1901. In that year Henry Ford established the Henry Ford Company (which later became Cadillac). Two years later ...
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Emmanuel Irizarry Feb 10, 2012
*MIND BLOWED* so Cadillac started as ford and now it owned by GM WOW
Mikey Jimenez Feb 10, 2012
No, it looks so sweet like it wants To give me a hug! Aww
Kent Sullivan Feb 10, 2012
It wants to eat your first born child
Mikey Jimenez Feb 10, 2012
@dillon read what he said again...smfh!
Dillon Dixon Feb 10, 2012
Charger isn't even compared to this. We arent comparing a gt500 with 650hp with a 2 ton tank with 4 doors.
Bull Dogone Feb 10, 2012
New king of the HP wars
Zachary Sindelar Feb 10, 2012
In person I didn't like it, it's nose sticks out way to far and resembles a Charger slightly and I think the SRT 8 did better.
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 10, 2012
.....sigh ugh why would they do this?!
Clint Edwards Feb 10, 2012
I liked the way the 370 looked, the 350 not so much. Don't really get Nissan's rationale behind this
Shaun Conroy Feb 10, 2012
Me no likey, they just took a step backward. Here's hoping the redesign is spectacular.
Cody Jacques Feb 10, 2012
They're trying to get rid of all those 350z bumpers laying around
Aislin Cooper Feb 10, 2012
Looks so much less aggressive
rockstarTc Feb 10, 2012
why would they change it, i loved the fangs on it. it looks alot more bland now...bummer
Abigail Williams Feb 10, 2012
^^ your comment makes no sense
Buddy Robinson Feb 10, 2012
That's a good thing. It's like the new bently cont, if your customers like it, don't change it
Vince DeMasi Feb 10, 2012
I still can't believe that there updated for this car is a 350z front bumper
Shaun Conroy Feb 10, 2012
Lexus greatly needed a product to get pulses running. If this can't do it, it will certainly help speed things up.
Cody Jacques Feb 10, 2012
... its growing on me I would never have this car but its nice to have good looking cars on the road.
Matthew Paul Feb 10, 2012
Better looking than anything else Lexus makes at the moment
Bull Dogone Feb 10, 2012
Damned sexy, hottest reveal at Detroit. They can always change the grill but they need a sexy car in the Lexus lineup badly.
Serg Tarasyuk Feb 10, 2012
The front end just looks ugly
Kevin Rehbock Feb 11, 2012
I want real cars in NASCAR too, not generic spec bodies with stickers plastered all over them saying it's a Camaro or Mustang.
CAP AMR Feb 10, 2012
America Eff Yeah, errrr wait its built by Americans in America. Im failing to see a problem here. Google where most of the Big Three cars are actually made and you'll learn "country loyalty" isn't what our automotive industry would like you to believe.
Kan Wes Feb 10, 2012
Tony so I guess that the American companies that do business overseas and don't bring the money back to not pay taxes is the American way?
Shaylen Kumar Patel Feb 10, 2012
@dan you should probably do some research on what cars are made in America. Pretty sure most hondas toyotas even hyundais in the USA are built in the USA.
Brad Wood Feb 10, 2012
"the money goes overseas" is a rediculeous statement. The money (that's "profit", should there be any) goes to where the next best investment opportunity is to make even more profit. If that is in the USA, then that's where it goes....
Bull Dogone Feb 10, 2012
Hate the redesign. Hoping Lexus doesn't follow this frame/ chassis but they probably will :-(
Dale Schroeder Feb 10, 2012
NASCAR rules have always said the car has to be manufactured in America to be entered. Honda, Nissan and even BMW could enter if they wanted because they have manufacturing plants in America that build cars for the North American market.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 10, 2012
If it's built in America doesn't that still count? I mean most of the American cars I seen are built in Mexico or other but yet we have them as pace cars. So this car is probably more American than you think.
rockstarTc Feb 10, 2012
sorry redstalion i meant that to colin
rockstarTc Feb 10, 2012
@redstalion actually mine has 325hp now from the turbo but nice try, and im pretty sure my tc couldve beat it if it was still stock anyways. Its a kia why would you put all that stuff on it and waste your money when it already sucks...its pretty much polishing a turd.
Emmanuel Irizarry Feb 10, 2012
Why is there only ONE red segment in the rims?!?
Shaun Conroy Feb 10, 2012
Never in a zillion years would I drive this thing, I would rather take my bike!
redstalion Feb 10, 2012
This is such a cute car. Odd to say Kia had come a long way from the crap they use to have.
Colin Dzendolet Feb 10, 2012
hey rockstar, its 250hp, a lot more than your tC
rockstarTc Feb 10, 2012
Thats the ugliest thing ever!! That looks like a total ricer car, all looks no power and the looks are not even that good.
Matthew Paul Feb 10, 2012
If they build it, I will have it
Johnny Hoover Feb 10, 2012
I like the HRE wheels
Dillon Dixon Feb 10, 2012
This thing is hot! It looks tough, and has a really good stance to it. Kia just might surprise us all.
Vince DeMasi Feb 10, 2012
It's not bad looking but that grille looks like a mouth with cotton balls in it
Patrick Schalk Feb 11, 2012
Yeah many of them have the dual/dual exhaust.
Emmanuel Irizarry Feb 10, 2012
At first glance I thought the back looked was an explorer or expedition
John Serely Feb 10, 2012
Athough I don't like it, I think it is a improvement over the last one
Michael Evans Feb 10, 2012
Don't like it it looks to common and the rear is a Saturn outlook just go see for yourself.
Johnny Hoover Feb 10, 2012
Oh look I drive a big red bus
Justin Chavez Feb 10, 2012
Kinda really disgusting