Comments - Spied: 2013 Opel Astra Sedan Spotted Wearing a Diaper

Published: Feb 10, 2012
Description: Opel has been planning a new version of the Astra for some time now, and the first photos of this new variant have just come out. The Astra sedan has been spotted by the CarBuzz photography crew and i...
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Description: The front-end retains the hatchback version's styling while the rear, though covered, strikes a bit of a resemblance to the German company's Insignia model. The 2013 Opel Astra sedan will be...
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Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2012
The greenhouse says Verano all the way.
Cian Rules Feb 10, 2012
Why did they bother covering up the back when you can see its a astra with a boot from a saloon
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Feb 10, 2012
Just out from an Euro Ncap test : )
Tanton Stoneman Feb 13, 2012
Well the insignia is basically a regal, so same thing is happening here
Michael Anthony Nascimento Feb 10, 2012
Actually, reminds me of a Buick Verano, (tail lights, shape of the windows)
Malachi Stowe Feb 10, 2012
Looks like it might be on the chevy cruise platform!
Matthew Paul Feb 10, 2012
I'd say that's the best camo pattern I've ever seen, can make out any lines on the back