Comments - A New Threat to the Bahrain GP

Published: Feb 10, 2012
Description: If you are considering attending the 2012 Bahrain GP on 14 April, beware, the race is once again in doubt. In the last few days, a British businessman was attacked by a mob in the northern part of the...
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Patrick Joseph Feb 10, 2012
I'd go there if I could. Can't be worse than south Africa or Brazil really
Matthew Paul Feb 10, 2012
Yikes, I'd stay out of there.
Pratik Parija Feb 10, 2012
Ferrari is just awesome
Description: That, although defeated by the authorities with the help of the neighboring Saudi Arabia army forces, caused the cancellation of last year's F1 race. However Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 boss who tr...
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Description: All those people will be exposed to life, or at least, finger severance, if they go to Bahrain. Those staff members will find assistance from seven British peers who published an open letter in The Ti...
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