Description: Game Day is this Sunday and Volkswagen knows they need another hit commercial to one-up their success from last year. Air time for a Super Bowl commercial is by no means cheap and advertisers spend a ...
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Description: This year's commercial, which you can check out below, begins quite differently. At first you wonder why they chose a dog to help promote the new 2012 Beetle. However, there's, shall we say,...
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Vincent Butler Feb 02, 2012
When the dog was back in shape, I thought it was pretty funny how the dog was chasing the vw. It remind me how slow stock vw are. Lol
Hank Austin Feb 01, 2012
Absolutely love VW... Good commercial but not the best this year IMo
Elijah McCord Feb 01, 2012
Come to think of it it would be funny if it was a halo setting and bam a wild vader appears and chokes someone
Elijah McCord Feb 01, 2012
I kinda liked the starwars scene *cough should've been halo cough* they really made it work in there
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2012
I hate vw but man do they know how t make a good add lmao... Honda crv add is tied with this though
Greg Kenerly Feb 01, 2012
I agree the comm is perfect without the Star Wars scene. Don't mess this up vw.
Alan Bradford Cassell Feb 01, 2012
Star wars part part ruined it!
Shaun Conroy Feb 01, 2012
I liked it better before the Stars Wars section started.
Vincent Butler Feb 01, 2012
Vader should of killed him. Lol
Ethan Amo Feb 01, 2012
That's honestly one of the best commercials on tv....not to mention how great the car is
Matthew Paul Feb 01, 2012
Have you driven a vw (non beetle/new jetta)? The golf is nicer to drive than some audi's with better interior quality/matierials
Ceren Yıldız Feb 01, 2012
German engineering doesnt exist on vw :)
Paul Trahan Feb 01, 2012
That was a good commercial! Then again, it does have a dog and Star Wars in it. How could it be bad?
Patrick Schalk Feb 01, 2012
Haha that's awesome. VWs marketing is amazing. That's a good lookin dog too.
Michael Williams Feb 02, 2012
Think I still prefer the first one. :-)
Cian Rules Feb 01, 2012
They put a wing from the cayman on back
David Rosenberg Feb 01, 2012
Looks like a Porsche