Comments - Video: Meet the Monster 1200hp Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

Published: Feb 01, 2012
Description: Nicknamed Optimus, this heavily modified Dodge Ram 3500 is the proud property of car collector Dave, who, along with his wife, owns a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder LP570-4 Performante, a Lamborghini Mur...
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Michael Beach Feb 02, 2012
I don't care how powerful it is. Until he uses it like a truck (hauls/pulls something or goes offroad) it's a waste of money. It's like putting a lift kit and mud tires on a 2wd
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
No stock wouldn't be too great, rough but the Dana 60's are tough
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
25K in the suspension makes me feel better about the jumping part. I've caught air in mine accidentally off some railroad tracks, I wouldn't wanna try it on purpose with stock squish
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
Yup email me imma hit gym now after I'll send em
Patrick Schalk Feb 01, 2012
I'd build a Ram Runner for those monies. Got any vids?
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
I also have an 02 7.3 l lariat f350 super duty a v10 f250 and a f550 super duty dually
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
Yup king ranches are up there I have a long bed shadow metallic gray two tone lariat f250 super duty every option that was available and the truck alone ran 66k so 70 after everything 25 in suspension and tires and all and 15 in engine upgrades
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
I'm not saying I don't believe YOU, I just don't believe much of anything I see on the interwebs. Just curious though, what kind is it? I see King Ranch 350's in the mid 60K range
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
I don't like the raptor I beefed my suspension up to do pretty good for a heavy truck. I love diesels to escalades are nice but nt for me
Elijah McCord Feb 01, 2012
I'd spend that much on it if it were a raptor, escalade ext, or an ssr
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
My point is don't assume a person who spends a lot on a vehicle won't use it, cuz if that where the case they wouldn't wreck million dollar cars
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
After everything I did.. I'm very proud I even rolled one in the San Diego desert. Who wouldn't be proud I own the cars I want as well so not a big deal
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
You paid 100K for a Ford truck. I wouldn't be too proud of that
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
I'll make u look like an idiot like the rest who assume all on the net are liars. This dually on here is common where I live moron
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
Sure you did Micheal. Sure you did.
Michael Lopez Feb 01, 2012
I have a 100 grand diesel ford pushing 800 hp and 1200 lb ft tq a d I went muddying first week I bought it and did some mini launches off dunes at pismo lol
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
@James the same reason you probably wouldn't buy a speedboat to go hill-climbing. All you're gonna do is tear up stuff on something you've sunk a whole lotta money into.
James Mcmahon Feb 01, 2012
How do any of you know that he wont hit the mud?
Chris Drumm Feb 01, 2012
A truck with this much money into it and that much power is not ment for mud. It's just for looks and ego boosting
Danny Scott Feb 01, 2012
People who use the term "ricer" usually have no idea what it means...
Emmanuel Irizarry Feb 01, 2012
Dumbdumb. Should've named it "IRONHIDE" looks alot more like him
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
There is no rice above 1000hp
Mikey Jimenez Feb 01, 2012
Or towed anything ! And really diesel rice, most of you retards don't know the real meaning so keep it to your self!
Kevin Rehbock Feb 01, 2012
And it's never touched dirt before.
Nick Sti Feb 01, 2012
Lol the bigger the truck, the more compensation. A kid at my school parking lot has a lifted chevy and he just sat in his truck honking for attention.
Jackson Hubbard Feb 01, 2012
That seems very harsh. It looks so good though!
Michael Beach Feb 01, 2012
Looks like they let a douschebag highschool kid with a small dick choose the accessories
Description: It would be nice to see the beast being taken to the limit or simply pulling something heavy, but this video, courtesy of Robert Himler, will have to suffice for the time being.
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Tyree J Brown Apr 23, 2012
Yadda yadda yadda... Does the shit get dirty?!? All that lift and boost and stuff don't me a thing if you don't take it off road!
Juan Alberto Orozco Casas Feb 06, 2012
I dnt like those projectors
turbo_geoduck Feb 05, 2012
watched video again. yup, it's still a worthless pavement-princess.
Ty Piper Feb 03, 2012
@hovie, stop winking it's gay
Cian Rules Feb 02, 2012
30mpg it probly deos about 18mpg just becouse its diesal deosnt mean it has good fuel consumption
Ben Thompson Feb 02, 2012
That's like the redneck mobile
Randy Geniec Feb 02, 2012
I wanna see some 4 tire smokie burnouts. Not someone tooling around town on a Sunday and show you my Lambo video. Burn 4 stripes on that pristine driveway of yours and I will be impressed.
Clint Edwards Feb 02, 2012
@Joe he was maybe half-way down at most. If he gave it everything he'd break em loose and there would be a hell of a lot more smoke
turbo_geoduck Feb 02, 2012
it shouts "look at me! guess what I'm compensating for!" what a useless pavement princess! ... it IS kinda pretty though...
Nick Tadych Feb 02, 2012
That things insaine! I wana be this best friend lol
Payne Hodges Wilson Feb 02, 2012
I really like the way they tinted the roof tow lights. May have to do that to mine soon.
Payne Hodges Wilson Feb 02, 2012
@joe do you know anything about diesel? It produces les than have of the co2 emissions of a gas engine. This truck is probably more environmentally friendly than a Camry.
Joe Kelly Feb 01, 2012
Haha funny how that obese coal factory on wheels tried to catch a real car. All it did was burn off a third of the ozone layer to get to 45mph...
Hank Austin Feb 01, 2012
Honestly if I was driving my Honda and I saw this thing behind me I would probably piss my pants... And that SV is so awesome...
Paul Duggan Feb 01, 2012
If you can't find a parking space you just grab some chains hook them to another car and drag it out to make room
Elijah McCord Feb 01, 2012
@Jack wouldn't that make me a roll?
Jason Dannheim Feb 01, 2012
I'd like to see him try and make a three point turn on a residential street, or parallel park in a space fit for a Corolla.
Jack Howard Feb 01, 2012
At that time it was called a dodge you son of a biscuit
Elijah McCord Feb 01, 2012
@Matty I don't see a dodge but the ram is out of place
Cian Rules Feb 01, 2012
I would love to see it race a 1000bhp nissan patrol
Zachary Maurer Feb 01, 2012
And their goes clean desiel...
Colin Dzendolet Feb 01, 2012
PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon @lyomp) isn't even Hipster beer, its just no good, ill take a whisky and coke any day
Jason Brower Feb 01, 2012
Pbr is hipster beer. Definitely not redneck
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
PBR is pretty nasty. Most of my drinking buddies stick to Bud Lite, Miller if they have to. Awesome truck but I hate these kind of videos, show us the damn thing doing what it was made for
Devin Babyn Feb 01, 2012
I highly doubt he meant beer. I thought bull riding immediately and I have never heard of a redneck drinking PBR only cheap alcoholics (my buddy lol)
Pavel Kleymenov Feb 01, 2012
It looks nice, sounds nice. Unfortunately that's all it an do.
Matty Michaels Feb 01, 2012
Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini, Lamborghini, Dodge which one is out of place?
Dave Stewart Feb 01, 2012
I hate those videos oh look at it and hear it pavement bitch. Do a burnout lol
Austin Bride Feb 01, 2012
Come on lug a gear and smoke out the block!!
Nick Benz Feb 01, 2012
This truck is a manual as well.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 01, 2012
That was a let down. It's another pavement princess.
Sam Oglesby Feb 01, 2012
Wonder what mpg he gets
Patrick Schalk Feb 01, 2012
PBR is a beer. Pabst Blue Ribbon. And what's wrong with Hemis? I love Hemis.
Lyomp Feb 01, 2012
@jackson pbr is not a drink... Pbr is bull riding
Jackson Hubbard Feb 01, 2012
Redneck's don't drink PBR, only Bud light, Miller Light, Keystone Light. Anything light.
Gianni Falzone Feb 01, 2012
*waits for the rednecks to show up and post about PBR and hemis*
turbo_geoduck Feb 02, 2012
"baby got back" comes to mind
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2012
This looks retarded, IMO
Andrew Grimm Feb 01, 2012
Atleast he didn't put those brass balls hanging on the back. There is a kid at my school that put two huge lug nuts hanging on a chain. It was better than the balls atleast
Clint Edwards Feb 02, 2012
I replaced it with another oem, but now I got my tax return I might see about gettin one
Matt Piccolo Feb 02, 2012
@ justen, idk y I just do, '''''IMO''''' they look stupid and their pointless unless you have a job where you need one in which case I understand the point of it... But I know a lot of people that just have them, and don't need them and in that case, I just see an ugly, useless, gas wasting vehicle... But that's my opinion and I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me!!!
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2012
Oh that blows. My stubby bumper isn't gonna be able to take on a deer but it looks good and has lights with d rings on it so I could pull someone out or vice versa.
Adam Mitchel Feb 02, 2012
This truck Is nice, but it's still a dodge
Clint Edwards Feb 02, 2012
@Patrick I'll have to look them up, I've already had to replace the stock one after a 150lb doe thought my truck was just too interesting not to jump out in front of
Justen Truhett Feb 02, 2012
@Matt: how in the world can you hate trucks?
Nick Benz Feb 02, 2012
@Elijah you go mudding because you cant drive a truck like a car. Isnt that obvious? Plus once you get stuck the fun begins. Not many people are entertained by getting out & getting dirty. Cars are for the tarmac. The right trucks & suvs do everythin
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Feb 01, 2012
Whaaaat that monster pass by me the other day, blew out a bunch of black smoke in front of me -__-
Judah Lindvall Feb 01, 2012
That wheel has 10 lugs!!! Usually 1 tons have 8
Patrick Schalk Feb 01, 2012
Haha yeah I know right? I bought the Rugged Ridge modular stubby bumper for my Jeep and it wasn't very spendy. Have you ever heard of MetalCloak? They make THE baddest *ss bumpers ever.
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2012
Just cuz I don't like them doesn't mean I can't read the article, its still interesting to read about em!
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
@Patrick that's the precise reason I don't have one. And Matt, don't read the article then
Patrick Schalk Feb 01, 2012
Yeah that bumper looks handmade. I bet that thing is prob at least 900 bucks. I went mudding a few weeks ago when we got a decent rain. Freakin sucks we haven't gotten any snow.
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2012
But in my defense I hate trucks so ya...
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2012
This just looks stupid
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
You can mud in a 1ton, it's just not generally done. Like drag racing in a minivan. Most of the serious mudders around here either run an S10 or an old Nissan/Toyota with a 350 swapped in.
Elijah McCord Feb 01, 2012
What's the point of mudding? Oh woohoo I drove thru something that is potentially dangerous to my car while I could've been on pavement going fast and having more fun.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 01, 2012
You can take a duslly through mud if it's properly geared and equipped, despite its weight disadvantage. Knowing how to drive in mud would help too.
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
@Patrick looks like a Road Armor, they look good on Jeeps too
Clint Edwards Feb 01, 2012
Taking a dually through mud is a poor decision, WAY too heavy. My F-350 driving friend found that out the hard way
Elijah McCord Feb 01, 2012
And it probably never will
Patrick Schalk Feb 01, 2012
Mud is my favorite color. Yeah I doubt this has ever experienced mud though
Kevin Rehbock Feb 01, 2012
No Patrick, it needs a new paint job. Like mud for example.
Patrick Schalk Feb 01, 2012
It needs some big ol d rings on it though. Those fender flares on the back are ridiculously huge.
Patrick Schalk Feb 01, 2012
That's a pretty sweet front bumper