Comments - Porsche Reveals New GT3 Cup Racer

Published: Dec 09, 2012
Description: The most prolific racecar on the circuit, the Porsche 911 has been soldiering on in competition spec based on the previous generation. But now Porsche has released the new 991-gen GT3 Cup. While the p...
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William Downs Dec 09, 2012
Race regulations, the clutch is just for stop and go, u don't use it for shifting
Carlton Salmon Dec 09, 2012
That's also got me thinking, James.
James E Caldwell Dec 09, 2012
Is it a Pdk system, or is that a clutch pedal we see in the video? Paddle shifting plus 3 pedals would be pretty sweet.
Description: The interior has also been stripped out and fitted with a roll cage, racing controls, emergency escape hatch and bucket seat with competition harness. The new Cup racer will form the backbone of the n...
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Stas Allen Dec 10, 2012
Can't wait to see this in GT1.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
Great work! I love Porsche, them and Aston are my favorite brands
Janak Solanki Dec 09, 2012
Lou Guerrero Dec 09, 2012
I can hardly tell it apart from a 997
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
I personally can't wait for the 991 GT2 RS
Pablo Herasme Dec 09, 2012
Just take the wing off I guess
Petre Draghici Dec 09, 2012
Oh yeah this is nice. Can't wait for the production GT3
Dillon Dixon Dec 09, 2012
Looks really good! I bet this thing is quite a bit faster than the old cup racer.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
Love the centerlocks
Jacob Mullner Dec 09, 2012
Probably a scoop for the intake
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
I love the 991's Taillamps. Cool wing as well
Jacob Burford Dec 09, 2012
Agree, the wing is sweet!
Dillon Dixon Dec 09, 2012
That wing looks fantastic on the 991. That means a similar wing will look fantastic on the GT3.
Harrison Armstrong Dec 09, 2012
Now that's what I call a bucket seat.