Comments - Mercedes Delivers New Popemobile

Published: Dec 09, 2012
Description: When the head of the Catholic Church parades around, his legions of followers want to see him. But the Swiss Guard charged with his protection also need to keep him safe. And so the Popemobile was bor...
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Ben Mossing Dec 11, 2012
@Steve I'm not sure about the new one but on the old rover they left a huge hole in the glass on either side of his head so people could have an "unobstructed view of his holyness' face"
David Gray Dec 10, 2012
Haha Steve totally true! If a sniper was there to kill him and managed to get a bullet off that cracked his skull, surely that was what god wanted????
Steve Perry Dec 10, 2012
Nothing says'I trust you god' like 3 inches of bullit-proof glass.
Jonathan Ippolito Dec 10, 2012
No the Pope has a Volvo !
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
Im pretty sure the pope has a Ferrari Enzo
Carlton Salmon Dec 09, 2012
Looks like an icecream van!
Zach Gathercole Dec 09, 2012
This would be worthless as a truck the only thing you could haul is grocerys and probably no offroad capability
Hector Delgado Dec 09, 2012
Cuz a golden throne wasn't enough
Jason Johnson Dec 09, 2012
I wonder how well it would hold up to an RPG right at the base of the glass and truck cap.
Alan Manuel Holguin Salas Dec 09, 2012
@Drew you're fucked up, but that was really funny. Lol
Drew Humphrey Dec 09, 2012
With Jesus in the middle
Drew Humphrey Dec 09, 2012
They should've put big chrome rims
Jay Kolvenbag Dec 09, 2012
@sam & ethan you're totally right
Ethan Amo Dec 09, 2012
Yea, I think this Mercedes would look awesome as a pickup.
Sam Biggin Dec 09, 2012
It would make an awesome pick up truck
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 09, 2012
I dont think this will be good for sales
Franklin Lopez Dec 09, 2012
What's wrong with a mule?
Mark Fei Ling Dec 09, 2012
I like the old G class version better
Description: Replacing the previous Popemobiles that were based on earlier versions of the G- and M-Class, the new papal transport is based on the 2013 M-Class. While Daimler hasn't disclosed which engine pow...
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Description: Developed over the course of the past eight months, the new Popemobile gives the Holy Father more room to stand or sit, yet it's shorter overall to help load it on to airplanes for the pope'...
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Carl ed Dec 17, 2012
This looks cool and weird
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
They should'nt have given him a car. He should just ride a donkey. That looks like jesus.
Carlton Salmon Dec 09, 2012
Looks like President Palpatine/Darth Sidius from Star Wars on the left, and a guy that looks like a cross between Larry David and Groucho Marx on the right!
Michael Nascimento Dec 09, 2012
It's Jeremy Clarkson's leaning tower of Citroen
Zach Gathercole Dec 09, 2012
It looks like jeremy clarksons motorhome he built on the citroen
Stephen Ishard Dec 09, 2012
Nothing says I trust in god like 4 inches of bullet proof glass
Trent Humphrey Dec 09, 2012
Is it just me or does the pope look like darth sideous?
Devin Babyn Dec 09, 2012
Sick stache
Drew Humphrey Dec 09, 2012
I want to sit in that chair!
David Justice Dec 09, 2012
Build something that protects the Pope? You, sir, are going to heaven!
Aaron Sparks Dec 09, 2012
Unholy drag coefficient.
Bobby Junior Dec 09, 2012
Imagine that! The Popemobile AMG!
Rishi Sawla Dec 09, 2012
They should have made an AMG version
Carlton Salmon Dec 09, 2012
The Pope is asking what flavours of icecream do they have?
Aaron Crisp Dec 09, 2012
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Dec 09, 2012
Hahaha same to that hah
Michael Kozlowski Dec 09, 2012
Patrick's comment just made my morning lol
Patrick Schalk Dec 09, 2012
It should say "Popin ain't easy".
Drew Humphrey Dec 09, 2012
Should say "Popemobile" on the back