Comments - Fiat Reveals Panda Monster Truck

Published: Dec 09, 2012
Description: A week ago we brought you spy footage of a Fiat Panda transformed into a monster truck and captured playing around on snow-capped mountains in Italy. At the time we couldn't have imagined Fiat ha...
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Dalton Michael Dec 12, 2012
I wonder how this thing doesnt flip. Just barely moving the steering wheel made the whole body jerk lol
Shelby Cassandra Dec 09, 2012
Should have been called the werepanda. Lol.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 09, 2012
It's the definition of permanent win. Has nothing to do with fail.
Rishi Sawla Dec 09, 2012
It's going to be a monster FAIL,not a truck
Description: The project took two weeks to complete, but is now fully functional. Fiat says the Panda Monster Truck will feature in a TV commercial at the start of the new year, but has in the meantime released th...
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Jorge Gonzalez Dec 10, 2012
James May is that you?
Ryan Rainville Dec 09, 2012
Fiat is the 4x4 of the year? Really?
Drew Humphrey Dec 09, 2012
Two weeks is pretty quick actually
Alex Arvanitis Dec 09, 2012
Marketing is very tough right now
Description: If that previous clip isn't enough, though, here's sine B-roll of the Panda Monster Truck driving around. (Don't adjust your speakers, it has no sound.) Fiat had offered a Monster editi...
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Jayce Madrid Dec 10, 2012
Words fail me at a time like this.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 10, 2012
If I seemed creepy sorry, I was just asking. I know a couple girls with sick rides like m3's, a 740whp srt8 jeep, and a 10" lifted f350 with 40"s and tons of engine mods for 600whp and 1500wtq. My bad though, I could see that being an off question.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 10, 2012
Ya I didn't mean anything creepy, I was just saying its badass if she's a chick with a sick truck. I was half expecting to come back and see it was a guy with his gf's pic as a profile pic. Plenty of guys do that to show off their gf's.
Lou Guerrero Dec 09, 2012
Drive to get groceries = break bystanders brains.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
This will be awkward for James May, considering he loves the Panda but hates Monster Trucks
Tim Puckett Dec 09, 2012
@alex I'm sorry but that was creepy as f*ck haha
Shelby Cassandra Dec 09, 2012
@Alex. Yes..?
Alex Arvanitis Dec 09, 2012
Nice Shelby, are you a girl? I'm guessing so by your profile pic. Chicks with huge trucks rock. Nice work.
David Lee Dec 09, 2012
I think James May would love it :D
Shelby Cassandra Dec 09, 2012
It's got a 552 Ford running a blower and nitrous setup on it. Also has 44" tires. Beast of a truck.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 09, 2012
That's awesome Shelby, what do you have done to your ranger?
Shelby Cassandra Dec 09, 2012
My ranger would eat this thing alive.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 09, 2012
This is a proper panda. It's gallons per pound per mile ratio is exactly aligned with its turning radius; that is to say both are huge numbers and should be.
Dale Schroeder Dec 09, 2012
I wonder how James May would feel about this, since he has a Panda as a daily driver.
Jason Brown Dec 09, 2012
Just might be the only cool Fiat out there IMO
Alex Arvanitis Dec 09, 2012
The little engine that could hahahahha That train movie is living a renaissance with this little panda
Jommel Marcella Dec 09, 2012
Like a boss.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
Sign me up
Brennon Aucoin Dec 09, 2012
It's hard to believe they come like that stock
Ethan Amo Dec 09, 2012
Yea, that's really cool