Comments - Aston Martin Sells Part to Former Ducati Owners

Published: Dec 09, 2012
Description: Though Aston Martins sells for big bucks, don't assume that means that the company that makes them is generating big profits. In fact the British automaker has been struggling since a group of in...
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Douglas Muir Dec 10, 2012
To Fords shame. The Aston character has evolved gradually, and Ford just co-opted it... after divesting, but wanting to keep an aura. New Mustangs are also becoming Aston clones. Tasteless! Ford, do you own styling instead of copying. Oh, I forgot, this is your method. T-bird was a euro wannabe of some kind.
Tyler Tarbox Dec 09, 2012
Alright lets just clear things up here. Pretty much the front tenth of the car looks like a Fusion
Daniel Alexander Soutar Dec 09, 2012
Could we perchance talk about how gorgeous it is..?
Erik Rudolph Dec 09, 2012
Well u aren't completely wrong because ford still has stake in Aston Martin and one of the former designers for Aston Martin made the fusion the way it looks
Ezra Diaz Dec 09, 2012
Looks like a Ford Fusion to me lol Sh!t im introuble
Description: So who is Investindustrial? It's no stranger to the automotive industry, having acquired majority stake Ducati in 2005 and recently selling it to Audi for over a billion - roughly three times wha...
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Lou Guerrero Dec 09, 2012
Yeah, sold Ducati for a 300% profit lol awesome move
Description: For starters, it is said to be investing an additional $800 million into Aston's R&D budget, which is sure to help the company step away from the antiquated technologies still underpinning it...
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Peter Mark Gacek Dec 13, 2012
Tyler Tarbox Dec 09, 2012
Agree. Classiness of an Aston with the raw power of AMG? Hell yeah
Melvin Cerrillo Dec 09, 2012
An AM-AMG collaboration?!?? I'd love that
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
I love the new Vanquish so much! Right now, if I could have any car it would a new Vanquish. Well, a Ferrari 458 Coupe would be a possible answer too...
Paul Trahan Dec 09, 2012
Dat ass.
Mohammed Shamma Dec 09, 2012
My godd!! I love this new vanquish
Description: The result could see AMG engines and transmissions powering future Aston Martins (much as it does for Pagani). As Aston Martin chairman David Richards put it in announcing the deal, "Investindust...
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Eric Loke Dec 11, 2012
Frankly speaking anyone who buys an Aston Martin wants it to be hand build and crafted by Aston Martin themselves, if I'm getting an Aston that's an AMG what's the point if getting an AM and not a C63 or SL65?
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
Thats sort of sacrilege
Edgar Jauregui Dec 09, 2012
AMG 6.3 in an aston= winning
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
I love this thing! This, the SRT Viper, and the 458 Italia are the best in my opinion/my favorite modern cars
Jacob Burford Dec 09, 2012
Gorgeous! Love the color too!
Paul Dickey Dec 09, 2012
Wouldn't anyone mike?
Barry Lird Dec 09, 2012
Aston has got the body lines down. Beautiful machines.
Mike Carbaugh Dec 09, 2012
I'd drive it if I got it for free
Ken Lee King Siang Dec 09, 2012
Its the shape.... Metallic grey or white would suit it as well
Ghaith AL-sharari Dec 09, 2012
My god that's beautiful and the color matches perfectly
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
No I like clear (at least for Astons)
Rithhin Jawahar Dec 09, 2012
@ barry i agree
Barry Lird Dec 09, 2012
Red tail lights look better than the clear ones.
Carter Sullivan Dec 09, 2012
Most beautiful car ever...One of the most beautiful things ever in fact
Wyatt Gordon Dec 09, 2012
Mmm One-77!!!
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 09, 2012
An amazing car but you are never going to drive a limited edition 1 million pound car to the limit
Chris Gaines Dec 09, 2012
best car ever made. have amg keep the v12 and fix their trannies but keep this styling and Aston will make done money om