Comments - Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel on its Way

Published: Dec 08, 2012
Description: The rumors have been flying for quite some time now and it appears they're about to become a reality: Jeep has just announced that a diesel-powered version of its Grand Cherokee will premiere at ...
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Antonio Falsetti Dec 08, 2012
Finally Americans are seeing the value of diesel? I can't wait for more diesel cars in the states.
Clay Williams Dec 08, 2012
Maci Kartchner May 26, 2013
It's the most beautiful year I've ever seen
Description: The diesel Grand Cherokee will be powered by a 3.0-liter V6 turbo oil burner with an expected output of 237 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. Expect for the six-speed automatic to be the sole t...
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Bobby Comment Mar 01, 2013
I had a 2007 Grand Cherokee with the turbo diesel. Great vehicle. I don't know why they don't put that engine in more of their lineup. The towing power is great especially considering the mpg. E.g. Put some design attention into the Dakota and put that 3.0 turbo diesel in it and you'd have a hell of a truck.
Brock Andrew Kerr Dec 08, 2012
I work for a Jeep dealer and we've been under a strong assumption that this will be with the 8 speed automatic. as well as the 3.6l having the 8 speed offering also. and you forgot about the previous GC that had a 3.0L diesel
Antonio Falsetti Dec 08, 2012
I want a manual trans.
A.J. Brady Dec 08, 2012
What about an 8 speed trans? I know that cars with more torque then this diecel have an 8 speed and Chrysler uses an 8 speed on the 300.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 08, 2012
I'd still take the SRT8!
Jason Brown Dec 08, 2012
Already in Sale here in S. Korea. Starting to get more popular, but too expensive, Laredo starts at 64k and overland starts close to 80k. Many other competitors for that kind of price.
Victor Pitts Dec 08, 2012
Torques! Yay!!
Matthew Horst Dec 08, 2012
My dad has a 2008 one with a diesel and it came that way stock
Aaron Crisp Dec 08, 2012
Matthew van der Linde Dec 08, 2012
This is already on sale in europe and its a strong engine, quite economical too
Jimmy Williams Dec 08, 2012
I think the initial rating is 28 mpg mixed; even if it goes down a little, how awesome.
David Parenti Dec 08, 2012
That's a load of torque. This thing should get pretty good MPG
Aaron Sparks Dec 09, 2012
It'll look much more appealing without all the tape over the lights.
Matt Piccolo Dec 08, 2012
I really hope this isn't the actual update :( I'm not feeling the lights or grill at all! Current front end is much better
William Downs Dec 08, 2012
What are u talking about.. this is the upcoming facelift
Clay Williams Dec 08, 2012
@Justin- what did you mean kept them?
Justin McLeod Dec 08, 2012
I like these headlights a lot, they should have kept them!
Adam Contreras Dec 11, 2012
I'm surprised the license plate isn't blurred out.. I wonder why