Comments - Trucker Intercepts Toddler on Highway

Published: Dec 07, 2012
Description: We've borne witness to some truly shocking videos emanating from Russia and countries from the old Eastern Bloc, but none holds a light to this latest dash-cam production that has just popped up on e...
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Description: Yet past experiences with these sorts of videos puts us on edge as we await the inevitable near-miss overtake or head-on collision. What follows is something quite extraordinary, and nothing you've se...
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Jonghyuk Kim Dec 18, 2012
good man!
Pablo Herasme Dec 08, 2012
Is the Truck a helicopter aswell?
Austin Bride Dec 08, 2012
My ears!
Lizmary Mendoza Dec 08, 2012
Holy shit, I would beat the shit out of those parents if I was that trucker.
Lizmary Mendoza Dec 08, 2012
Stupid fucking parents. Please Take that baby from them.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Dec 07, 2012
Cool Story Bro
Garrett Hullender Dec 07, 2012
Wow what happened after that?
Nino Muradi Dec 07, 2012
This F^€£!ng 5 year old boy jumped in front of my car last week, breaking his leg and denting my hood. And yes I spent two nights in jail. BS.
Stas Allen Dec 07, 2012
Don't tell me this doesn't happen in America! "Oh our country is perfect! Nothing wrong!" If you want I can humor you.
Adrian Esai Bustamante Dec 07, 2012
Uche Ukaegbu Dec 07, 2012
What if the baby flew on the glass like some paranormal activity shit.. Lol but yeah, that is crazy...
Michael Beach Dec 07, 2012
How do people survive in Russia?? If its not crazy car accidents its toddlers in the street
Timothy Hooker Dec 07, 2012
assumptions not required...these are stupid parents.. fact
Drew Humphrey Dec 07, 2012
You don't have to assume that the parents are bad.
David Justice Dec 07, 2012
Frederick Perez Dec 07, 2012
Wow good thing nothing on the other side of the road.
Blaise Harned Dec 07, 2012
Maybe his/her parents are actually bad at parenting.
Blaise Harned Dec 07, 2012
That doesn't actually mean his/her parents are stupid. If you've ever had to babysit a kid or had a kid of your own you'd know they are hard to keep track of. Also there is not a single perfect human on this earth, we make mistakes.
Timothy Hooker Dec 07, 2012
I would gave taken the baby..prob better off as a roadie than with those DB parents
Ryan Spencer Dec 07, 2012
Trucker: "Now, sit! Stay...".
Alex Renaud Dec 07, 2012
If not stupid, negligent. Wow.
Rohil Chauhan Dec 07, 2012
Fucking stupid parents! Thank god this driver was there!
Chris Benson Dec 08, 2012
Best. Comments. Ever.
Anthony Richardson Dec 07, 2012
You even lift?
Blaise Harned Dec 07, 2012
"Come at me bro!"
Description: Thankfully, the trucker is quick to scoop the baby up and out of harm's way (another truck is seen passing where the baby stood just seconds before) and we can only assume reconnected the wandering to...
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Aiden Bass Dec 10, 2012
"this'll do nicely" What the hells wrong with me