Comments - Lambo Should Pay Attention to this Design Study

Published: Dec 07, 2012
Description: Aspiring automotive designers love nothing more than creating their ideal supercar, and this example by Alex Imnadze is his vision of what the next new Lamborghini should look like. Few details, inclu...
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Johnny Buchanan Dec 08, 2012
Hate it.
Nodnarb Ydil Dec 07, 2012
I could see some Ferrari-ish lines in the front, but it definitely looks like a Lamborghini. Just revise the front and maybe the cockpit a little and you'd have a good looking car
Paul Dickey Dec 07, 2012
How so?
Francesco Cheech Settimo Dec 07, 2012
Kinda looks like a Ferrari
Rahul Krishnagopal Jan 17, 2013
Looks stupid
Sascha Hughes Mösle Jan 04, 2013
Wtf! Lamborghini never looks like that, that looks like a design from Ferrari! Lambos have straight lines, not curved!
Yahia Al-Asiri Dec 25, 2012
Not great I like lambo design as aventodor
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Dec 11, 2012
It definitively looks like a Lamborghini, but it's a bit to curvy, I like curvy cars, but Lamborghini is about sharp lines, and should stick to that
Colby Church Dec 09, 2012
A lot of you are too picky and crazy quite frankly. This wasn't "slapped" together, it looks very Lamborghini-esque, and has a realistic design language that I could actually see being produced, even though it's just a design study. Great job.
Brad Henson Dec 09, 2012
Trying to blend angles and curves, I like it!
Anthony Palmisano Dec 08, 2012
No. The definitely should not. That is hideous!
PhuongHong Nguyen Dec 08, 2012
U can say that right .
Wyatt Gordon Dec 08, 2012
No they shouldn't. this crap is hideous!
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Dec 07, 2012
Anyone else see some Noble in there?
Carlos Munoz Mardones Dec 07, 2012
hell no!
Dale Schroeder Dec 07, 2012
There's way too many lines that were just copied from current popular supercars and stuck together. The end result just looks jumbled and uninspired.
Pablo Herasme Dec 07, 2012
Has Porsche and Ferrari
Max Brady Dec 07, 2012
To me this looks like a cheap knock off kit car or chines knock off. I could see them taking some design cues from this but it's far from looking like a real lambo
Nick Smith Dec 07, 2012
Love affair between Aventador and a 'Vette producing a lovechild using the best body lines of both. Simple, but retaining the aggression both are well known for.
Alex Semaan Dec 07, 2012
needs some sharp angles
Emerson Farr Dec 07, 2012
I like this..
Phaidon Chrisostalis Dec 07, 2012
What about..... No
Sam Oglesby Dec 07, 2012
Looks to tame for a lambo
Reece Andrew Loughmiller Dec 07, 2012
I love it, but it dosnt quite look like a Lamborghini, maybe it's too small idk
John Hyland Dec 07, 2012
I might cry if they ever make this...
Kylyn Kinsey Dec 07, 2012
The mirror placement comes from the Miura. There is nothing wrong with them. They look more at home on the hood rather than on the door.
Car Buzzer Dec 07, 2012
Front is porsche 918 mixed with estoque concept
Ryan Spencer Dec 07, 2012
#August, I'm right there with you. That said, I don't think this looks like a Lamborghini. They shouldn't cop-out so easily.
Stephen Cobbs Dec 07, 2012
All he did was take an Aventador and chopped it up.
August Burrichter Dec 07, 2012
What I immediately think of when I see this is a mix between the Aventador and the F12.
Matt Piccolo Dec 07, 2012
Yes I don't like the placement if the mirrors, but otherwise, this is sweet!
Dan Bousquet Dec 07, 2012
not sure about the mirrors, but otherwise its stunning
Bracey Wright Dec 07, 2012
Hate where the mirrors are. And hey Lambo ever heard of "New Coke" ? Think about it?
Adithya Chandrasekhar Dec 07, 2012
This should be a GT model. The curves are just beautiful!
Isaac Rezkalla Dec 07, 2012
Looks like a catfish
Kyle McCullough Dec 07, 2012
Gallardo replacement?
Description: From the renderings, the concept appears to be of a two-seater coupe with a mid-engine configuration, a formula that has dominated the majority of Lambos produced over the past few decades, and one th...
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Nick Benz Dec 07, 2012
Judging by the corvette in your pic, you must think the front is the best place for the engine. Its usually not for performance oriented cars. Handling.
Chris Huff Dec 07, 2012
Why would you make it mid-engined when you have plenty of space in the front?
Cory Deines Dec 07, 2012
Why should Lamborghini consider using this? It's already based off Lamborghini's existing design language, plus they already have a two-seater mid-engined coupe. It's called the Aventador, which looks better anyway.
Adam Thomson Jan 01, 2013
Colby Church Dec 09, 2012
Looks very Lamborghini. The people who disagree are ignorant of classic Lamborghini design, all they know are the super aerodynamic, sharp Lamborghinis of today. This is very representative of the brand and looks very nice a clean. I like it a lot.
Tyler Torres Dec 08, 2012
Beautiful. But not a lambo.
Austin J. Bower Dec 08, 2012
Very well done
Taylor J. Blake Dec 08, 2012
Scrubs are out.
Dennis Choong Dec 08, 2012
@Ryan- check the next pic & see where the top of the windscreen is. No driver seat beyond that line... if the engine is at the back it'll be hanging on the rear axle at best. That's not mid engined
Brian Cas Gonzalez Dec 07, 2012
all it need are the side mirrors put more backk or like the stock ones and it will look beautiful take care oneluvzz cas
Jacob Burford Dec 07, 2012
No thank you! I don't like the front end, wing mirrors, and the side skirts don't work!
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Dec 07, 2012
Needs some door handles
Brendon Davis Dec 07, 2012
Other than the tacky-looking silver bits, I love this. I see Aventador, Miura, Gallardo, Diablo and Murcielago.
Ryan Rainville Dec 07, 2012
All you would need to do is have a transaxle transmission over the rear axle with electronic paddle shifters so there would be no gear linkage to have to be run or a front mounted all wheel drive setup with a long drive shaft to the rear
Ryan Rainville Dec 07, 2012
What are you talking about there's plenty of room to fit an engine in the back
Timothy Hooker Dec 07, 2012 way an engine is gonna fit anywhere but in the front on this thing
Jon Jon E. Miles Dec 07, 2012
It looks like maybe what the 2020 aventador will look like, I mean it could be.
Jonathan David Sill Dec 07, 2012
Cross between a 458 and Lambo.
Ryan Rainville Dec 07, 2012
I think it looks like a fitting design for a Porsche like the new 458 fighter
John Atnip Dec 07, 2012
It has a McLaren F1 look to me. Just doesn't look right. He tried to go for a more Murai look, but ended up with something that's just not a Lambo
Dennis Choong Dec 07, 2012
Proportion doesn't seem right... mid engine cars are usually cab forward design. This looks almost front engine
Guo-Sheng Huang Dec 07, 2012
Not trying to be s..a.. but I think whoever did this just smooth out the sharp angles from a Lamborghini picture. Not impressed.
Car Buzzer Dec 07, 2012
Agreed, modern lambos are all about razor sharp edges, not smooth curves. Looks good though.
Bruno Clara Dec 07, 2012
Hated the mirrors
Justin Barter Dec 07, 2012
If an F12 and an Aventador had a love child <3
Timothy Hooker Dec 07, 2012
stick a ford label on it and call it a GT...that would be more fitting. def not lambo styling
Cory Allen Dec 07, 2012
I like it.
Jake Judges Dec 07, 2012
Jake Judges Dec 07, 2012
It doesn't look like the body panels fit together correctly. It looks like the're off center or something
Jordan Smith Dec 07, 2012
Looks pretty cool. It's like a modern day Miura sorta.
Isaac Rezkalla Dec 07, 2012
The back looks good but that front needs to be changed or lowered.
Matt Silva Dec 25, 2012
The transition from the hood to the windshield doesn't work, but from the mirrors back it is great.
Adam Thomson Dec 10, 2012
Looks like the old miura
Colby Church Dec 09, 2012
It looks great, people are strange for not seeing the attractiveness of this car. Tell me you honestly wouldn't drive this and I'll call you a liar.
Stas Allen Dec 08, 2012
Let the trolls troll me, but I like this.
Jon Ashley Dec 08, 2012
The front wheel arches are a bit too high. The mirrors should be in their proper places. Other than those two picky bits, this looks badass.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 08, 2012
Front's too long
Adrian Esai Bustamante Dec 07, 2012
Best concept I've seen, unlike the recent ones.
Ryan Rainville Dec 07, 2012
I absolutely love it
Aaron Morgan Dec 07, 2012
Looks really stupid but it's a step in the right direction. Lamborghini needs to start making more cars that are longer such as the Reventon or Aventador. I like that it has the back end of the Aventador but, for now, they need to just stick with the Urus if they're going to make a crossover
Raul Valdez Dec 07, 2012
Looks like a corvette concept not Lamborghini.
David Lender Dec 07, 2012
Don't like the rear view mirrors
Justin Santinelli Dec 09, 2012
I don't understand you people that looks like an old Buick
Colby Church Dec 09, 2012
Looks awesome, the rear is very nice.
Phillip B Jong Dec 07, 2012
Preston Ming Dec 07, 2012
to me, it's a love child of the Aventador and F12 Berlinetta
Blaise Harned Dec 07, 2012
It looks like an aventador with the shape of a Ferrari or corvette kinda.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Dec 07, 2012
Seriously nice back end. Those rear arches are mega.
Matt Piccolo Dec 07, 2012
Back is sweet!
Joshua Grant Robinson Dec 08, 2012
I love it. Bring back the Miura!
Patrik Spajić Aug 31, 2013
Looks like a Aventador/Miura mix.A nice car indeed but the mirrors look ugly.Even if they were in the right place it would be a limited model
Colby Church Dec 09, 2012
Not everything had to be razor sharp, this looks good, doesn't need any more exaggerated design elements; it already looks better than 99% of production cars.
Gazel Hebbert Dec 07, 2012
Back is too soft; I agree with an earlier poster about modern Lamborghini's are razor sharp edges, not curves.