Comments - Hennessey Venom GT Blasts Off

Published: Dec 07, 2012
Description: They say everything is bigger (and better) in Texas, and if you know anything about Hennessey Performance, you'll be fully aware that the Lone Star State-based tuning company has never been shy a...
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Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 08, 2012
Yeah the Hennessy ZR1 is a monster!
Wyatt Gordon Dec 08, 2012
What about they're Vipers? Could be wrong but I think theyve done some Vettes as well
Jake Trumbull Dec 07, 2012
Why wouldn't you mention the Hennessy venom 1000? Or any of the vipers they have done, for that matter.
Chris Huff Dec 07, 2012
Exactly ha
Nodnarb Ydil Dec 07, 2012
Same here Chris. No worries though, just means we are more comfortable in super cars haha
Chris Huff Dec 07, 2012
I was born in texas but im so short :D
Description: Designed to compete with the likes of the Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg Agera, the question many have wondered is how fast it really is. Today we have our answer courtesy of John Hennessey's per...
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Duane Cometa Dec 10, 2012
Numbers are just numbers! I dont believe any of the Hennesey hype. P
Duane Cometa Dec 10, 2012
All i see are Hennesey creative way of making videos of this so called supercar, i dnt see enough evidence performance wise in video has this car even perform from a standstill. Put that camera the same way in a corvette and the results will be same
Adam Solomon Dec 08, 2012
Oh I wanna join! Yet another reason why the car hadn't been tested up and down tracks: there are only 6 of them! Don't be surprised if this car goes 270+ as Hennessey claims
Patrick Schalk Dec 08, 2012
Wyatt, you sad little man. If you can respect the engineering that has gone into this, we'll that's just your loss. This thing is straight up beast.
Norman Agustin Dec 08, 2012
Bugatti Veyron tires have been tested to do 250 mph. The tires on the Venom GT are rated "Y" which is 186 mph.
Redge Diakité Dec 08, 2012
@Jake I CAN do the math a F1 car weighs 605kg with the pilot and has 750+hp this car has 1200+hp for I think 1100-1250kg ;)
Tyler Tarbox Dec 08, 2012
And thank you William for clearing up the matter on Bonneville.
Tyler Tarbox Dec 08, 2012
Wyatt, this is soooo much more than that. It's extremely sophisticated. Go research this car a little bit and then come back
Wyatt Gordon Dec 08, 2012
The problem is... The Bugatti and the Agera are beautifully engineered (I'll never like the way the Agera looks, but I massively respect the engineering), while this is just a Lotus with a small block tossed in the middle
Patrick Schalk Dec 07, 2012
Yeah Philip. Those dudes have to have a specific compound of tire too. I wouldn't try to take this to the salt flats unless they built a big ass road on it.
William Downs Dec 07, 2012
Umm because the salt flats have regulation on what your car must be equipped with to go certain speeds and do u have any idea how horrible traction is.. its one of the biggest reason for high speed crashes on the salt flats is due to sudden loss of traction
Phillip B Jong Dec 07, 2012
No place to one up the Veyron and that's why they haven't done it? Haha how about Bonnyville... It's suspicious that they don't perform official tests
Jordan Smith Dec 07, 2012
Why would they lie about this? They wouldn't take on a car like the Veyron unless they were confident it could compete.
Lorenzo Pagano Dec 07, 2012
Okay Hennessy, show me the electronic speedometer and then I'll believe you
Jimmy Janik Dec 07, 2012
How would it be fake...? It has 1000+....
William Downs Dec 07, 2012
Redge did u forget the fact that this is besically a lotus exige with a 1000+ HP motor swap... the times are 100% real and not to mention that even with all that power this car kept its lotus handling from what I've read
Jake Trumbull Dec 07, 2012
Of course it's real. Do the math. A car with its power to weight ratio is aptly equipped to do much more than that.
Redge Diakité Dec 07, 2012
It's a good car but 0-300kph in 13sec It's just impossible because It's the Time of a F1 car under the rain with rain tires so I doubt the numbers but if It's real respect to Hennesey ;)
Colby Church Dec 07, 2012
I agree with Preston entirely. Couldn't have said it better myself. Good job Hennessey, this is an amazing piece of machinery.
Aaron Crisp Dec 07, 2012
200 KPH = 124.3 MPH 300 KPH = 186.4 MPH 370 KPH = 229.9 MPH
Preston Ming Dec 07, 2012
for what it is..the Veyron is a technological marvel, ugly as hell, but a wonderful machine. Some people don't get that if they were to have a fair and equal chance..SSC, Koenigsegg, and Hennessey would mop the floor with the Veyron SS
Preston Ming Dec 07, 2012
The only reason they can't "one up" Bugatti is there is no place in America to do it. Bugatti has the VW track..which has a level-grade Tarmac at 5 miles in length. There is no way on Earth they'll let another company test and beat them on their turf
Pablo Herasme Dec 07, 2012
This thing threaten the Veyron when it did that flyby
Preston Ming Dec 07, 2012
"Leave no doubt"..that should have been the title of this video! and that they did! I also have no doubt this would take an Agera to its max and walk away from it.
Redge Diakité Dec 07, 2012
I can't believe in this I don't know why but I can't
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Dec 07, 2012
David Justice Dec 07, 2012
This car is a beast.
Tyler Tarbox Dec 07, 2012
Love the last sentence: don't mess with Texas.
John Hyland Dec 07, 2012
I would honestly take this over a Bugatti
Justin Tucker Dec 07, 2012
That's ridiculous! What is that the equivalent to? 220? Sorry I'm American :)
Justin Routh Dec 07, 2012
I love this car. I think it might be able to take the agera
Patrick Schalk Dec 07, 2012
I HAVE to see this race an Agera. It has to happen.
Maci Kartchner Dec 29, 2012
It's a nice car
Jacob Burford Dec 07, 2012
Looks sweet!
尤品敦 Dec 07, 2012
It's a longer lotus
William Downs Dec 07, 2012
@carter, they are optional just like on the exige, they did away with them in the new generation, and Hennessey won't be using the new generations from end because they delevloped there one face for it
Carter Sullivan Dec 07, 2012
@Brandon the newer ones don't have them. This One is older They're based off the lotus exige, so now that the exige doesn't have those double lights any more, neither does the Venom GT.
Victor Pitts Dec 07, 2012
I NEED one of these cars...
Tyler Tarbox Dec 07, 2012
And to think you could buy two of these for the price of a Veyron...
William Downs Dec 07, 2012
This car sounds so good, can wait for the face lift
Patrick Schalk Dec 07, 2012
Damnit I love this car!!!!
Daniel Alexander Soutar Dec 07, 2012
It just looks fantastic. And it is so lethally quick, I would completely accept the excuse that the driver just grazed the throttle and broke the limit-probably would add around another 20mph to your current speed... Any longer, your organs will wilt
Bradley Elson May 03, 2013
Can't you tell it was based on the lotus exige?
Austin Sullivan Dec 08, 2012
This is pretty much the lotus interior too.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 08, 2012
I am loving the manual though. I just hope its a 6 speed
Isaac Taylor Dec 07, 2012
Awww it even has a radio
Patrick Schalk Dec 07, 2012
I can't imagine feeling the power through the shifter. Must be an amazing feeling.
Stephen Cobbs Dec 07, 2012
It has everything you need. 1,000 horses.
Oleg Odessit Dec 07, 2012
Simple, love it
Brady Jacoby Dec 16, 2012
I bet most people can't point out the turbo's. They are actually pretty decent in size. You need to look at the opening not the whole turbo.....
Wyatt Gordon Dec 08, 2012
Reminds me of the GT40's engine, didnt they call it the "bag of snakes" or something like that?
Nodnarb Ydil Dec 07, 2012
0-60 is probably and the 0-100 is probably 4 or 5 seconds. Not guaranteed
Andre Suyono Dec 07, 2012
William Downs Dec 07, 2012
Holy crap, those turbos aren't even that big.. imagine bigger ones O.o.. it can be even crazier?