Comments - A1 Quattro Beats GT-R in the Wet

Published: Dec 07, 2012
Description: Inexplicably, British publication Autocar has compared two very different four-wheel-drive sportscars in its latest video, pitting the mighty Nissan GT-R against the dainty Audi A1 Quattro to see whic...
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Roger Alonso Dec 08, 2012
Skyline - show - sai na frente da moto suzuki 1300 hayabuza e a moto perde no teste de 0 a 300 km/h
Edgar Jauregui Dec 08, 2012
Even though I like that little quattro, the Gt-R is a way better car can't really compare
Wyatt Gordon Dec 08, 2012
Good job Audi, putting the ugly Datsun in it's place!
Description: When it came to tackling the Mira test track in the heavy rain, the supercar-killer struggled badly. Before Godzilla fanboys draw their swords, consider that the GT-R was likely wearing the wrong tire...
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Edgar Jauregui Dec 08, 2012
I like the A1 but the comparison is pointless it's like that Top Gear episode comparing the manual Fiesta to the Corvette (ZR1 I think?).
Daniel Eads Dec 08, 2012
If the gtr won then this article wouldn't be here.
No Pistons Dec 07, 2012
10 bucks that if it won, none of you would be saying anything
Serge Pankratov Dec 07, 2012
Hahhahahahah i love all the whining.. Remember this.. No matter how amazing, fast or powerful ur fav car is, there will ALWAYS be someone somewhere some day that will make ur fav car lool lile shit. So just accept it.
Mario Callirgos Dec 07, 2012
This reminds me of that stupid electric scooter that beat a C5 to 30 mph!
David Hicks Dec 07, 2012
What a bunch of kents, not available in straya either.
Lorenzo Pagano Dec 07, 2012
I'd like to point out that that GTR has the track pack, which has semi-slick tires that don't work in the wet. Bad test
Jake Trumbull Dec 07, 2012
Sebastian Grey Dec 07, 2012
I don't care. I love the Audi A1
Jomicah Berry Dec 07, 2012
Oh I see, when the GTR loses its the driver's fault or the test wasn't fair. But when it wins its because its the best car ever. Stop the moaning, the GTR could probably beat the A1 on any other comparison.
Zaire Wilkins Dec 07, 2012
@ stephen you see fanboys?
Oskar Slanina Dec 07, 2012
It can not be a real driver in the gtr
Stephen Wood Dec 07, 2012
And all the gt-r fanboys get their panties in a wod
Sumair Inayat Dec 07, 2012
@ Johnny - Agreed !!! Lmao
Sumair Inayat Dec 07, 2012
This test makes no sense!!! GT-R All the way!
David Harris Dec 07, 2012
Blocked for US. WTF
Johnny Francis Dec 07, 2012
What are they driving on a sidewalk or something? This is beyond retarded haha
Dylan Bruder Dec 07, 2012
Let the hate begin lol
Natalino Monastra Dec 07, 2012
Don't post a video that I can't see . Grrrrrrrr
Rohil Chauhan Dec 07, 2012
This video is so pointless that it made me want to write rude words in the comments box, but since everyone knows how stupid this test is I shall refrain.
Christian De Prisco Dec 07, 2012
Next week an electric scooter goes faster around the track than a ferrarri gto...with no wheels
Sam Oglesby Dec 07, 2012
Blocked in the uk to
Michael Riley Dec 07, 2012
Blocked for the US?!?!! da fuck????
Al Tungupon Dec 10, 2012
Top Gear has shown that the GTR is excellent in the wet. Audi may have simply sent the A1 with tires enhanced for this kind of weather. If the Nissan had the same rubber, the glorified Polo wouldn't stand a chance.
Drake Nailon Dec 07, 2012
I love those wheels!
Brendan Bell Dec 07, 2012
Just wish it would come to the states....
Fawaz Alkraidees Dec 07, 2012
Mike Bakhsheshi Dec 28, 2012
All black on the wheels would look better
Caleb eason Dec 14, 2012
not good wheels but good car
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 08, 2012
oh boy, it's so good seeing another damn GTR for the 1,000+ time...
Matt Piccolo Dec 07, 2012
I'm a fan of white on white, but those wheels don't work
Tyler Tarbox Dec 07, 2012
Saw a white CTS-V sedan today that had these exact wheels. Didn't much care for the white on white
Josh Negron Dec 07, 2012
ADV10DC's... Sweet style wheels tho...
Frederick Perez Dec 07, 2012
Fine car!!
Nick Schnee Dec 07, 2012
Agreed, never paint the wheels the same colour as the car, unless it's black.
Patrick Schalk Dec 07, 2012
Those wheels are fugly
Ryan Spencer Dec 07, 2012
Damn... So good...