Comments - Swedish Prince Racing for Volvo in STCC

Published: Dec 06, 2012
Description: There was a time when motor racing was contested almost exclusively by nobility. Professional racing drivers didn't exist, and the only ones with the kind of money and down-time to pilot cars aro...
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Douglas Bailey Dec 07, 2012
Sooo low.
Carlton Salmon Dec 06, 2012
I do like the Polestar Blue.
Nick Benz Dec 06, 2012
It looks very good. But also like someone sat on the front end and squished it
Mustafa Alshekhly Dec 06, 2012
It's weird
Drew Humphrey Dec 06, 2012
That's so sharp. Who doesn't love these??
Description: The Duke of Varmland and only son of the ruling King Carl Gustaf XVI has been competing in Porsches for the past few years, often beating the competition, but now he's stepping up to the Scandina...
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Alanna Galligan Jun 09, 2013
Strongly agreed-so I bought one
Jake Judges Dec 06, 2012
Great looking car