Comments - Honda Exports its Millionth Car from America

Published: Dec 06, 2012
Description: There are two kinds of automakers marketing in the United States: domestic and import. Right? Well, that may have been the case once, but these days many automakers we would consider "imports&quo...
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Ben Garver Mar 20, 2013
Daimler Chrysler was a German company that was considered domestic ? You can't say Honda is a Japanese company. You can say they started as a Japanese company and they produce jobs here when the so called domestic companies ship them elsewhere. Sad but true
Michael Horne Dec 08, 2012
Thanks, Aaron! And the other 3,999 of us here thank you too =D.
Aaron Crisp Dec 07, 2012
@Michael I'm not a huge Honda fan but I'm glad you have a job and they're employing a fellow American :)
Jack Howard Dec 07, 2012
That's what I meant. And good to hear
Michael Horne Dec 06, 2012
Granted, we don't build Accord's here, but we do export the products that we do make!
Michael Horne Dec 06, 2012
Well, I'm proud to say that production (design, assembly, casting, injection mold, and other jobs) IS what Honda does in the United States. I work at a Honda factory (their Alabama one, specifically) and I'm glad these things are selling! xD
Aaron Crisp Dec 06, 2012
Not production, just assembly... At least for my Dodge Ram. Not that I agree with it being right.
Jack Howard Dec 06, 2012
Some people are just so stupid. And you guys do realize that GM and I'm assuming the others export the production to places like Mexico
David Guerrero Dec 06, 2012
Plus it cost the billionaire more money to produce here than in foreign asiatic countries.
Andrew Fortner Dec 06, 2012
Also I would like to point out the fact that it doesn't much matter if my money ends up with bob lutz or Akio Toyoda. Either way it goes to over paid billionaires. Give the blue collars of America jobs at Honda or GM i don't care
Jomicah Berry Dec 06, 2012
Not only do they employee thousands of North Americans directly at their plants but also create even more jobs with new local suppliers and more business for existing ones. Its a win-win for all involved.
Matt Piccolo Dec 06, 2012
Yea they still provide thousand and thousand of jobs for people here!
Timothy Hooker Dec 06, 2012
ha if ur going to attempt to make a least sound somewhat intelligent..also millions and millions of dollars are contributed to our economy by them building here..I encourage more of it
Noah Kalman Dec 06, 2012
Honda is a Japanese company.
Jimmy Case Dec 06, 2012
Doesn't make it any better. The money still goes back overseas to a Chinese auto company.
Description: It's a practice that has since been adopted by many of its competitors, but Honda started it all thirty years ago. It exported its first US-made vehicles back overseas five years later. Now 25 ye...
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Aaron Crisp Dec 06, 2012
Why do they send them so far? Wouldn't it be cheaper/make more sense to send it from Japan? Or is there export laws that make it cheaper?
Chettha Khakhlong Dec 08, 2012
Very Good