Comments - Bentley Planning Continental GT3 Spec Racing Series

Published: Dec 06, 2012
Description: Bentley is a company with a deep heritage in motorsports, but these days the British automaker doesn't have much of a racing presence to speak of. The last time it seriously competed in any form ...
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Dennis Choong Dec 06, 2012
Platform seems a little too big for track work... it's like racing a Mercedes CL
Description: The Flying B marque has big plans for the Continental racer, starting by fielding the competition-spec coupe in GT3 racing series around the world. But it isn't stopping there. Eyeing the success...
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Thibault Leroy Dec 06, 2012
A street legal continental GT3 would be great
Ben Nott Dec 07, 2012
You sir, are a chav
Bill Estep Jr Dec 07, 2012
Wit the wing exhaust n body
Bill Estep Jr Dec 07, 2012
It would awesome If they offered the vehicle like the one in this pic
Jerrod Swenson Dec 06, 2012
A factory GT is 5115 pounds, Bentley says they have the GT3 down to below the 2866 class minimum then you add ballast to hit the exact minimum.
Dale Schroeder Dec 06, 2012
Ripping out all the luxury options and the extra bits needed to make them work probably shed a considerable amount of weight, I'll wager.
Lou Guerrero Dec 06, 2012
I wonder how much weight was shed to make it remotely competitive.
Austin Bride Dec 06, 2012
Sam Sexton Dec 06, 2012
the front splitter is awesome
Nguyễn Thanh Bình Dec 11, 2012
Very good