Comments - Top 5 Tuned Aventadors

Published: Dec 05, 2012
Description: There's no question the Lamborghini Aventador is a fast and powerful Raging Bull. With its 6.5-liter V12 producing almost 700 horsepower, it's no wonder the Italian automaker simply sold out...
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Jay Garcia Dec 06, 2012
What how could this be where's the Underground racing Lamborghini at ? They have to make part 2 on this one
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 06, 2012
@ Carbuzz, why no TT aventador? FAIL!!!!
Dan LaBruna Dec 05, 2012
The one on the thumbnail looks the best.
Francisco Penedo Dec 05, 2012
I think that is missing the Underground Racing Aventador and also de Refined Marques Oakley Design Aventador...
Troy Kessler Dec 05, 2012
Underground racing definitely needs to be on here ..
Jordan Nutt Dec 05, 2012
How can he leave out Underground racing, the greatest and most exotic tuner of them all. They have the 1200 hp Aventador. Leaving this out is a huge (Fail) for the writer of this.
Jay Kolvenbag Dec 05, 2012
Where is the twin turbo aventador from underground racing?
Michael Riley Dec 05, 2012
Where the fuck is the UGR TT Aventador?!? I mean it's only the best tuning job there is!!!
Description: After tuning other Italian exotics such as the Ferrari 458 Italia, Vancouver-based tuning outfit SR Auto Group turned its attention to the Aventador. The result of its efforts: the V12's output h...
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Thibault Leroy Dec 06, 2012
I wasnt being critical i really dont mind the different mesures i was just saying that only americans use brake hp
Jon Wheel Dec 06, 2012
700 metric horsepower, 691 brake horsepower. It's just a difference in measurement, not something to be critical of a country for.
Jake Knickmeyer Dec 05, 2012
I miss the days when manufacturers of cars underrated horsepower figures instead of overrating them.
Thibault Leroy Dec 05, 2012
Only Americans count horsepower differently, realisticly this produces 710hp
Spencer Warkentin Dec 05, 2012
William, Phaidon is correct. It's 700 "italian" horsepower which equates to 691ish "American" horsepower
William Downs Dec 05, 2012
Aventador makes 700 HP.. LP700-4.. its part of the name for a reason
Phaidon Chrisostalis Dec 05, 2012
Stock it has 690 hp, they just added 10 hp more
Noah Gavurin Dec 05, 2012
sounds like a standard power output
Jacob Burford Dec 06, 2012
Love that paint job!
Zach Gathercole Dec 05, 2012
10hp is better than nothin
Kyle McCullough Dec 05, 2012
Oooh, an entire 10hp
Dillon Magee Dec 05, 2012
they did add power
Victor Moore Dec 05, 2012
Very nice piece only upgrade aside would be a deployed automatic spoiler.
Thibault Leroy Dec 05, 2012
Michael J Solimene Dec 05, 2012
Too sick but no performance upgrades
Janak Solanki Dec 05, 2012
Don't like like the rims
Description: The Aventador Bianco by Wheelsandmore may not appeal to everyone, but it certainly has a look. The German tuner has modified the supercar with a set of its own uniquely designed forged alloys with bla...
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Sabrina Wolf Dec 29, 2012
Now that is pretty :)
Victor Moore Dec 05, 2012
With the right downforce in the back it is a formidable opponent wheels can be aftermarket!
Drew Humphrey Dec 05, 2012
Everything but the stripe
Thibault Leroy Dec 05, 2012
Very nice!
David Gray Dec 05, 2012
That's incredible
Michael J Solimene Dec 05, 2012
That's an performance upgrade
Boyd Boudreaux Dec 05, 2012
My fav
Allen Kim Dec 05, 2012
Agreed with Nick. It sits too low
Nick Schnee Dec 05, 2012
Too low for my tastes, it looks wrong. Now if they didn't touch that, it would have been epic...
Description: German tuner DMC has never been afraid to go all the way with its products. So it seems fitting that when it came to the Aventador, things were bound to go a little bonkers. And so we love it. Aside f...
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Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Jan 29, 2013
Love it 885HP damn. Been leaning toward this model for some time and recently fell in love with it : )
Anan Hafez Dec 06, 2012
I love this car AND the rims! Perfect car for me!
Jacob Burford Dec 06, 2012
Scary car! Not sure about the rims though!
Nick Benz Dec 06, 2012
The rims are theose forgiato f2.01 that went on a veyron a while back. They didnt look good then either.
Amer Tawil Dec 06, 2012
The front carbon is nice but the rest is ugly aff
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 06, 2012
Change evering that is orange to green and its perfect plus green calipers of course
Jon Wheel Dec 06, 2012
Perfect, minus the wheels
Cory Allen Dec 05, 2012
I'm guessing I'm the only one who doesn't like it?
Aj White Dec 05, 2012
Gorgeous. Reminds me of the Gallardo Super Trofeo just more BAD A!
Lane Heinz Dec 05, 2012
Yeh black rims n orange calipers man
Ben Hislop Dec 05, 2012
Oh my god somebody call a doctor, I think I'm having a heart attack,
Cam Heaney Dec 05, 2012
Needs black rims and orange calipers.
Austin Bride Dec 05, 2012
Oh good god I'm in love
Troy Kessler Dec 05, 2012
Black rims needed otherwise ..perfect
Thibault Leroy Dec 05, 2012
Looks amazing
Kieran Hillary Dec 05, 2012
This is what the aventador sv should look like if Lamborghini was ever to produce it
Cody Gillard Dec 05, 2012
Holy mother of all goodness thats b-e-a-utiful
Owen Tiernan Dec 05, 2012
Owen Tiernan Dec 05, 2012
Could really use done different rins
John Hyland Dec 05, 2012
Favorite tune of all time
Vincent Chen Dec 05, 2012
That looks so mean
Craig Lafey Dec 05, 2012
F'in sweet
chris1315@sh Dec 05, 2012
like the doors
Raschard Jackson Dec 05, 2012
They should've used different rims. Like the color, not the style.
Thibault Leroy Dec 05, 2012
Yeah but this car would look akward without that spoiler
Sebastian Grey Dec 05, 2012
I don't like when tuners replace the stock electronic spoiler. They are so neat and look much better.
Description: Capristo unveiled its take on the Aventador late last summer and by all accounts, it stands apart from the rest. In addition to having a new exhaust system, the German tuner has developed a body kit b...
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Thibault Leroy Dec 05, 2012
Wow good upgrade
omarSV Dec 06, 2012
so they obviously recreated the same body panels in carbonfibre?...because it looks identical to stock
Jon Wheel Dec 06, 2012
Looks very much the same...
Cory Allen Dec 05, 2012
I like this.
Description: Without a doubt, one of the most outrageous tuners out there is Mansory. Never one to shy away from going all out with its cars, Mansory's take on the Aventador is another example of a great idea...
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Dillon Olson Dec 06, 2012
I feel that underground racing really deserves a mention here for the massive gains from their turbocharged aventador.
Andres Rivera Dec 09, 2012
Wow that looks great XD
Jacob Burford Dec 06, 2012
I'm scared! In a good way! Looks amazing!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 06, 2012
It looks like one of those Bat lnives that batman throws. Amazing!
Jon Wheel Dec 06, 2012
@Patrick what about the Reventon?
Garrett Dean Dec 06, 2012
Bruce Wayne should've had this one
Patrick Schalk Dec 05, 2012
Gross. I hate directional wheels
Troy Kessler Dec 05, 2012
Not usually a fan of mansory but this is just sex ..those wheels are sick
Zachary Crowley Dec 05, 2012
Thosr rims are gorgeous
Gazel Hebbert Dec 05, 2012
Best one hands down
William Downs Dec 05, 2012
That whole car, thing looks beastly
Sebastian Grey Dec 05, 2012
Those wheels!!!!
Greg Kenerly Dec 05, 2012
I know people throw the word 'epic' around a lot but...epic.
Holden Warner-Sullivan Dec 05, 2012
Those rims look sick
Blake Antil Dec 05, 2012
This is just pure pornography.
Rohil Chauhan Dec 05, 2012
That wing looks like it generates lift.