Comments - Rain Man's Roadmaster up for Auction

Published: Dec 04, 2012
Description: Every now and then a movie comes along that instantly becomes a pop icon. Whether it's the characters or the story setting itself, these films become ingrained in our minds and we often find ours...
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Lou Guerrero Dec 04, 2012
Cool car. Strictly for cruising.
Jerrod Swenson Dec 04, 2012
4 portholes on each fender for an 8 cylinder, like is should be. I hate when they glue on 3 portholes each side onto your 4 or 8 cylinder car. Semantics sometimes matter.
Description: They simply don't make Buicks this cool anymore. And now the 1949 Roadmaster used in the film is up for auction. Yes, that means you too can claim to be "an excellent driver". It's...
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Description: In addition to the car, the seller is also including the forms proving MGM studios rented the car for filming, specifically the insurance and loan agreements. Bidding opens at $40,000 but we suspect i...
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Phil Johnson Dec 04, 2012
I don't know about that license plate though...
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 04, 2012
What a beautiful design.
Kyle McCullough Dec 04, 2012
I like how the radio buttons say BUICK
Lou Guerrero Dec 04, 2012
Too bad these interiors aren't the standard anymore. Such a nice place to be
Edmond Gebara Dec 04, 2012
That steering wheel's amazing!
Tyler Ray DeFord Dec 05, 2012
Straight 8 ftw
Lou Guerrero Dec 04, 2012
She ain't a barnburner but thats ok.
Jerrod Swenson Dec 04, 2012
248 ci with 168 hp. Some things are better left in the past.
Nodnarb Ydil Dec 04, 2012
Don't see em like that anymore