Comments - Cars That Attract Women: Nissan Leaf

Published: Dec 04, 2012
Description: Some women want to save the world, and perhaps you even do as well. But if you're trying to take such a woman on a date, it won't really work to show up on a bicycle. For these occasions, th...
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anirudh.roy.752 Oct 11, 2013
Electric cars are not you people realize 100% torque is available all the time in EVs?? With the leaf that is 187..not great but more than enough..please get your facts straight before saying something dumb
Kwayne Bryant Dec 12, 2012
Eh, I'll just stick with my 40mpg Hyundai Elantra
Sam Biggin Dec 09, 2012
It's not win win because you have to drive a leaf
Jon White Dec 05, 2012
I'll stick to my thunderbird<3
Jon White Dec 05, 2012
If you have to buy a Nissan Leaf to get a date... You have some desperate issues..
Scot Churnoff Dec 05, 2012
Me t year sometime the leaf the fisher and tesla will be recalled and not be allowed to be sold due to the dangers of lithium ion batteries!!
Judah Lindvall Dec 05, 2012
Didn't see that comin
Tim Wateva Dec 04, 2012
The jag and the mini I get, but this... This... Thing has to be a troll
James Campbell Dec 04, 2012
Goooood to be single
David Parenti Dec 04, 2012
Cars attractive to women buyers.
Colby Church Dec 04, 2012
If a girl doesn't like my V8, she can just get out and walk home. Lol. No hippie chicks for me. I like my fossil fuel burning monster.
Patrick Schalk Dec 04, 2012
*arm pit. Damn phone.
Patrick Schalk Dec 04, 2012
Eco-minded gf usually means feminist hippy who has a stinky pooty and air pit hair and doesn't wear make-up.
Harrison Trapnell Dec 04, 2012
Woman: So, what do you drive? Man: A Nissan Leaf! *Woman gasps in shock of how cool this guy must be*
Alex Arvanitis Dec 04, 2012
Leaf's don't have sex appeal. It screams newly married couples car that the misses had a lot more say about.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 04, 2012
I could be wrong but I just never hear people say they're attracted to a car. I hear people say its a sexy car or beautiful classic but I don't hear "this attracts me.." You hear like "damn that thing is so sexy" dont hear "I'm attracted to bowling"
Alex Arvanitis Dec 04, 2012
The wording of the series is just poor. Ladies top picks or Cars women like or something like else would have made much more sense. Women can like things without it being a sexual thing. It's not like guys go around saying "I'm attracted to beer"
David Parenti Dec 04, 2012
William, I think that's what everybody assumed. If that's the case, I wonder why they started off with the Jag. That's what made everyone think it was about cars attracting women.
William Downs Dec 04, 2012
Guess no one ever thought that the series was directed at cars women like, not cars that u can drive and attract women with
David Parenti Dec 04, 2012
Is this series sarcasm?
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 04, 2012
Really the mini and now this. The xk i think might have the edge over the leaf and cooper
Janak Solanki Dec 07, 2012
This thing looks like the algae eater in my fish tank.
Zach Gathercole Dec 05, 2012
And teslas die every 2 miles
William Downs Dec 04, 2012
There also really expensive, this is a lot cheaper then a tesla
Shane Carroll Dec 04, 2012
I think this is the first one I've seen that wasn't blue
Chris Gaines Dec 04, 2012
the only ev ppl should be driving is a tesla at this point! they're the only company to realize that an ev doesn't have to look like someone threw up on the designs and then decided to proceed anyway
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 04, 2012
I think i would shoot my self or buy a opel ampara
Jackson Bond Dec 04, 2012
I live in middle Tennessee, they're everywhere here. But so is Nissan factory and us headquarters so.. Yeah
Zach Gathercole Dec 04, 2012
If i was gonna have an ev it would definatley be this
Zaire Wilkins Dec 04, 2012
i see a good amout here in NYC in that color and black
Shelby Cassandra Dec 04, 2012
Never seen one on the road.
Cody Gillard Dec 04, 2012
It attracts women alright it attracts those hippie women with dreadlochs and a lot of body hair
Victor Pitts Dec 04, 2012
Torque-y lil shits!
Blaise Harned Dec 04, 2012
Bahahaha! They said a Nissan leaf will attract women!
Jon White Dec 05, 2012
Oh shit, they're catching up!
Shane Carroll Dec 04, 2012
"Oh man, you should see the line we got going behind us man"
David Parenti Dec 04, 2012
"Look at all those cars we just passed! Oh, wait... Those are bicycles"
Cody Gillard Dec 04, 2012
True if this manages to attract women than im bald
Mike Carbaugh Dec 04, 2012
A car that managed to be ugly from every angle....
Description: The Leaf was the first mass-produced pure electric car to be offered to the general public, but it was not the first electric car, or even the first electric car built by Nissan. Small numbers of elec...
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Description: Thanks to "Who Killed The Electric Car?", the EV-1 became a darling of the conspiracy theory community, and millions of people began to believe that some backroom dealings had killed it. Thi...
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Logan Bartnick Dec 04, 2012
The Leaf's tail lights are a huge design and safety flaw. If the sun is behind it, the thin lights are very hard to see. That means break lights and blinkers are hard to see, increasing chance of crashes.
Jon White Dec 05, 2012
World's most quiet racecar.
Shane Carroll Dec 04, 2012
What I see here is not a race car, but a potentially full-scale rc car
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 04, 2012
I wonder will the races it competes in be short enough to match its range or will they swap batteries
Zach Gathercole Dec 04, 2012
I want this
Chad Collins Dec 04, 2012
If they released this leaf to the public they might have a point
Jay Kolvenbag Dec 04, 2012
Dat volts....
Julian Carbajal Dec 06, 2012
"nismo RC" lmao
Nicolas Blake Mullen Dec 05, 2012
Those tail lights are sick though.......
Tyler Ray DeFord Dec 04, 2012
Won't be competing in any 24 hours races
Description: The mechanics of making an electric car were obviously evolved from the EV-1, as you would expect over such a period of time, but what Nissan managed which GM hadn't was to make an electric car w...
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Description: The heavy batteries are even mounted under the seats, keeping the center of gravity low and centrally located, thus making for some surprisingly good handling. Of course, you could never take any kind...
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Jdm Jerry Dec 05, 2012
Needs an analog clock
Shane Carroll Dec 04, 2012
I give me 5 minutes before I've got this thing dirty
Zach Gathercole Dec 04, 2012
Its got nice interior compared to alot of cars actually
William Downs Dec 04, 2012
Sat in one of these just for shits n giggles.. seats are very comfortable and the interior is nice compared to your other ev options
Jon White Dec 05, 2012
Dat Vtec
Jdm Jerry Dec 05, 2012
Hp fa dayz
Chris Huff Dec 04, 2012
* zero performence
Description: Moreover, people who live in apartments (35% of Americans rent) don't really have the ability to charge at home in the overwhelming majority of cases, which significantly cuts down on the vehicle...
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Description: There are, after all, many different means of achieving status, and just like any other vehicle on this list, the Leaf won't work in all situations. But the Leaf gets the maximum amount of eco po...
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Jamie Chase Dec 04, 2012
First, in Portugal, they bought Subaru Imprezas WRX for highway patrol. Now, this...
Adam Beiersdorfer Dec 04, 2012
I'd love to see how this high speed chase ends...
Chris Gaines Dec 04, 2012
that guy was right, the glare on the right taillight makes it hard to see :0
Janak Solanki Dec 07, 2012
I feel like punching this thing