Comments - Tug of War: Duramax vs Touareg

Published: Dec 30, 2012
Description: As far as torquey diesel trucks go, they don't come much different than a Chevy Silverado and a Volkswagen Touareg. One's a work-a-day domestic pickup, the other a luxury import SUV. So how ...
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Description: In the other is the Touareg V10 TDI, packing a 5.0-liter, ten-cylinder turbodiesel with 345 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. As Volkswagen demonstrated a few years ago, the Touareg V10 is capable o...
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Camilo Saldarriaga Jan 27, 2013
Davey Edwards Jan 13, 2013
If the Silvy had street tires it would have pulled it. Didn't help that he spun it from the start
Timothy Hooker Jan 02, 2013
if I was married to the chick laughing...I would never tell a joke
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jan 01, 2013
No, there never was one for production...
Zaire Wilkins Jan 01, 2013
but tuned down
Zaire Wilkins Jan 01, 2013
nvm theres only a V10 i could have sworn this had the TDI V12 from the Q7
Zaire Wilkins Jan 01, 2013
i think the V12 is better
Joshua Massingale Jan 01, 2013
I want one soo bad
Joshua Massingale Jan 01, 2013
Go VW with a V10 TDI
Matt Close Jan 01, 2013
Once again CarBuzz has the numbers wrong... You guys call yourself professionals?!
Zaire Wilkins Dec 31, 2012
dam the V12 toureg probly would have dragged it away
Zaire Wilkins Dec 31, 2012
nazi wagon and that was suppose to be funny?? but anyway this shows ppl are getting board
Lou Guerrero Dec 31, 2012
This duramax driver will get beat every time. He was either anxious if tryin to put on a show so when he floored it the tires broke traction and the vw was able to pull it away. Simple. No excuses. This particular driver sucks.
Cameron Rae Dec 31, 2012
Sigh you cant beat Americans coming up with excuses everytime, its simple Nazi Wagons>Redneck Truck
Quinn Conner Dec 31, 2012
Double edge sword for Chevy. Clearly in the video the driver in the Chevy said he was locking it in 4wd. So either it is dumb driver who can't operate 4wd -or- Chevy is broken -or- he lost fair and square to a SUV
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Dec 31, 2012
HAHAHAHHA @jesse, that made my day, nazi wagons lmaooo
Jahangir Siddiqui Dec 31, 2012
So many excuses being made for the truck...that Duramax got shitted on by a soccer mom's SUV
Dylan Bruder Dec 30, 2012
Traction trucks unloaded have a hard time putting full power down with nothing in the bed
Sean Wallace Dec 30, 2012
If the truck had won this wouldn't be on here
Sam Ter-Oganisian Dec 30, 2012
This is bullshit. The only reason the toureg succeeded is because the silverado was peeling out and there was no friction
Jimmy Case Dec 30, 2012
@Daniel no it does not. I don't know how you get that conclusion. Have you ever owned a truck and towed anything?
Timothy Hooker Dec 30, 2012
now go compare repair cost for when they break down
Shane Carroll Dec 30, 2012
So one victory against an unmatched vehicle and one region is superior in every single aspect. I see no flaw with that logic, do you?
Aaron Crisp Dec 30, 2012
@Roger That is a hilariously untrue statement.
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Dec 30, 2012
Europe wins America in all class of cars!!
Daniel Eads Dec 30, 2012
Jimmy, it helps if you're pulling up and away. If anything the VW had a disadvantage because of pulling down.
Jimmy Case Dec 30, 2012
That comment is right. Stock for stock the duramax would win those off road tires have barely any surface contact with the road unlike the VW plus the VW is pulling down and away. It looks like the VW is in low gear and the DM is in high.
Dave Rain Dec 30, 2012
2wd vs a car in 4wd loses? Big surprise there
Paul Pickard Dec 30, 2012
Three words. Center of gravity. If that Chevy was off the show room floor instead of covered in aftermarket crap. It would have ended differently.
Stephen Ishard Dec 30, 2012
Lol nazi wagon
Tobias Mersinger Dec 30, 2012
Wow, Jesse, thanx for that intelligent comment.
Jesse Andersen Dec 30, 2012
I don't drive no damn Nazi wagons. Keep it Chevy bitch.
Aaron Crisp Dec 30, 2012
is awesome though. Didn't look like the Chevy was n't in or had 4WD though.
Aaron Crisp Dec 30, 2012
@Tanton Go compare base prices of the vehicles to each other. Those VW's are expensive as hell, and I'm a fan of them. Put this thing against a Cummins with a few mods and it'd tear it one. I don't mean to be 'that' guy but here I am. The VW
Tanton Stoneman Dec 30, 2012
And that proves that all of that American thunder can be taken down by a simple VW SUV.
Jacob Lerklint Dec 30, 2012
I drove the v10 touareg a year ago, its really fast!
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Dec 30, 2012
That's the old underpowered V10 TDI too... Wonder what will happen if they used the new Cayenne S Diesel with the twin turbo 4.2 TDI. Or even better: the Audi Q7 V12 TDI with a 6.0 diesel and 1000 Nm of torque...I guess you'd also get the same result or better with the current Touareg V8 TDI
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 30, 2012
Damnn. Put that Duramax to shame!
Andrew Henderson Dec 30, 2012
It's all about gettin the power through the wheels and onto the road. V10 VW what a machine!
Jack Howard Dec 30, 2012
Aaron Crisp Dec 30, 2012
Haha saw this a couple days ago, so awesome. Those Taureg TDI's are so expensive.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 01, 2013
this one is the best one
Chad Schley Dec 31, 2012
I think this is the R50 version with an upgraded V10 TDI. I got to drive one in Germany back in 2008.
Petro Maalouf Dec 30, 2012
I always loved the touareg .... Specialy the new one
Austin Marks Jan 01, 2013
So you need 6 wheels to beat 4 is what your saying
Aiden Bass Dec 30, 2012
Give me a Cummins turbodiesel dually and I'm more than satisfied
Aaron Crisp Dec 30, 2012
Uhh Ford Raptors can't even tow worth crap, they're mean machines but you can't beat a turbo diesels torque.
Jommel Marcella Dec 30, 2012
A Ford Raptor could probably beat that VW. This Chevy
Luis Enrique Lara Dec 30, 2012
Crap as proved on the video
Petro Maalouf Dec 30, 2012
I hate this ugly machine
Tyler Tarbox Dec 30, 2012
Ugly as hell. Gimme a Ford